High heels are hazardous to health!

When high heels are hazardous to health, why are certain work places making it mandatory for their lady employees!?

Message from concerned parents to certain work cultures that make high heels mandatory!

I need not go into details of exactly which service Industry forces girls and women to wear high heels while on work!

All over the world – esp. American journals too (wow!) – have come out with articles regarding the dangers of wearing high-heels! Still we get to see and hear that some work places have even made it mandatory!

Why on earth is a female forced to wear high heels? To impress men?! By looking as tall as those semi-nude fashion ramp walker models!??

Ridiculous! Have you ever thought what would happen to them when they age? Suffer from arthritis and other foot diseases – are they going to pay and take care of their lady workers after retirement?

PS: We don’t give birth to daughters in order to look sensual and keep debauch characterless males turned on all 24/7. Delete this mandate with immediate effect.


If you must wear heels, stick to a wedge rather than a stiletto to maximize stability and keep your feet from rocking side to side.



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