Inside the Garbage Bin, you only find Rubbish!

Inside the Garbage Bin, you only find Rubbish!

I hope the females following sexy-sassy-porn life style know that they will be singing –

*Ravana Kankar Kuda Paayo

(Note – Opposite of Ram Ratan Dhan Paayo, the shameless females should be aware what the garbage bin, they happily jump into, has in store for them!)

*Ravana – Demon king Ravana from the famous Hindu Epic Ramayana
Kankar – stone
Kuda – garbage
Paayo – to get
Meaning – A wasteful, frivolous, flirtatious lifestyle will take a female straight in the arms of the kinds of Ravanas who are worthless egoistic lustful blokes who basically belong to garbage bin. We all know about the contents of the garbage bin – waste products are thrown to be re-cycled. A public garbage bin smells bad and people usually avoid to go near it. Along with smelling bad, it also carries germs that cause various diseases.

So being born as a human, please WAKE UP instead of leading a wasteful life of lust and greed!


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