Inward Journey – With Ganesh Ji as guide

Shri Ganesha At Every Step – 1,2,3

Inward Journey – With Ganesh Ji as guide

He is seated on a four-petal shaped red throne
adorned mostly with coral red gems
Passionate Planet Mars is His playmate
Kartikeya, his elder brother, is more like his guardian

His allotted duty is to protect His Mother Gauri
Who is asleep on a spiral bed as Kundalini Shakti
Only when the ethers around is full of purity
When the seeker approaches with absolute innocence
Does He bless him with devout devotion & wisdom
And allows the seeker or spiritual aspirant to move on…

to spiral on as fine threads of Kundalini

To the second step

Where He is welcomed in a 6- petal shaped golden yellow palace
adorned mostly with yellow sapphire gems

Playful planet Mercury is His bestie here

Brhma Ji & Sister Saraswati always welcome His joyous presence
He checks for truth, the absolute truth, nothing but the truth

No false knowledge or fake master allowed here

Only when the seeker has understood the truth of divine Nirmal wisdom
Does He allow him to move on

To the third step

Where He is welcomed in a 10-petalled lotus shaped palace

He is wearing green satin RajVesh (princely attire) and emerald jewellery

Cheerful Jupiter is jubilant to see Him
Vishnu Ji & sister Lakshmi ji welcome Him with a plate of laddus

He eats them to His heart’s content
He then checks for the aspirant’s satisfaction level – He tests his generosity
He watches how the aspirant is using the money given to him by Lakshmi Ji

He checks relationship factors with the spouse – how congenial are they together.

He watches the aspirant’s behavioural patterns & interactions with the outside world

Before leaving He ushers the seeker to look at the sparkling star studded ceiling
the sparkling stars are actually the over thousand eyes of Shri Shesha…

watching closely – every move of the seeker !
Once Shri Ganesha is convinced of the aspirant’s inner intentions & generosity levels

Does He allow him to move on

To the Fourth Step

on the way to the fourth step, they come across a boundless deep ocean
Seated majestically on a throne is Shri Adi Guru – The Primordial Master
Impressed by the seeker to have come this far, he presents him a raft

to cross over the wavy ocean smoothly…

They reach a twelve-petalled, lotus shaped, burgundy coloured palace

Maa Jagdamba smiled at Her fearless child filled with pure love-

Her pet lion rushed to hug him lovingly!

Beautiful Venus welcomed His warm presence.

Shri Ganesh then took the seeker to the left wing of the palace

He introduced him to His divine parents
Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati

They acknowledged the seeker’s presence and blessed him with absolute bliss
The seeker realized his true spiritual nature!

Nandi, Vasuki and sacred lion Gdon were quietly checking out the new arrival

Shri Ganesh patted them lovingly and then took the seeker to the right wing of the palace

He rejoiced to see Shri Rama & Mother Sita seated on their golden throne

Shri Lakshman was impressed upon seeing the seeker along with Shri Ganesha
The seeker had after all passed through His over-thousand testing eyes –
which is not an easy achievement at all!

Shri Ganesh thanked Shri Hanuman for blessing the seeker –

with devotion, constancy & focus –

because of which the seeker could come this far!

After learning about the importance of –
sense of responsibility & security,
and being blessed with all the qualities of a ‘good father’
They proceeded to the fifth step

As they got closer to the 5th step,

They could hear beautiful divine rhythmic music…

to the tunes of which, all the universes were dancing together

They entered into the 16 petalled, lotus shaped, blue colored arena, studded with blue sapphire

Dressed in different shades of blue, there were many divine beings dancing & rejoicing

And at the centre, were Shri Radha And Shri Krishna – the source of honey-sweet rhythm!

Shri Ganesh asked the seeker to join in the beats and danced together – as if forever!

The otherwise often seen serious, planet Saturn was also seen tapping his feet gleefully!

After understanding the bliss of togetherness & unity,
Shri Ganesh took the seeker to his best childhood friend – Baal Gopal

Mischievously they went around stealing butter &
breaking earthen pots carried by the gopis on their heads…

and as the divine vibrated Yamuna water

fell on the backs of the gopis,

the seeker was astonished to witness – the rising of several Kundalinis all at once!

And how did Yamuna water get blessed with divine vibrations?

Because divine emanation of Shri Mahalakshmi – meaning – Shri Radha ji –

had washed Her Holy Lotus feet in it…thereby filling the River Yamuna with divine vibrations!

As they were enjoying the bliss of childhood, they stumbled across Shri Vishnumaya

Who blessed the seeker with Her fiery disposition & removed all traces of guilt that was still clinging on to him!

Shri Ganesha then paid a visit to lord Krishna who was playing His Majestic Kingly role

Seated with Mata Yashoda and consort Shri Rukhmini, they blessed the seeker

with diplomacy in speech, governance and divine disposition

Once the seeker was amply blessed at the 5th step and he understood the value of –

Team work, attained the witness state, learnt to speak sweetly with divine countenance
Did he get the opportunity to move on to the 6th Step!

Shri Ganesha took him inside a beautiful pristine white, diamond studded palace

Glowing brilliantly as the Sun himself was attending to the needs of the deities inside!

Lord Christ was dining with Lord Buddha & Lord Mahavir

Mother Mary was cutting a cake and distributing it to them –
she invited Shri Ganesh and the seeker to join them

While munching on honey sweet cakes ,
the seeker was taught about the importance of forgiveness

Lord Christ was the epitome of FORGIVENESS – as one forgives,

one is released from the shackles of worldly bondages & karmic debts!

Shri Ganesh then took the seeker to the rear end of the palace

where the seeker was awestruck looking at the exalted status of –

MahaGanesh, MahaHiranyagarbha, MahaBhairava, MahaKartikeya & MahaHanuman!

They blessed the seeker with a loving & forgiving nature –

and as he humbly received the blessings,
he was surprised to see all his ancestors smiling at him from all around –

tears rolling down their cheek!

Some of the ancestors he had not even met in his life –

but just seen their pictures in the album!

Shri Ganesh told him that they were his ancestors from his last seven lives
and they had gathered here to thank him –

because as he was rising in his spirituality,

so were they getting the benefit of his ‘enlightened’ status!

They were being released from their bondages –

& were given a brand new chance to take birth –

in the families of enlightened souls –

which is the most coveted channel of birth –

for the souls awaiting their rebirth since aeons!

Shri Ganesha then pointed at a corner where entities unknown to the seeker –

were looking at him with love and admiration

They were Mother Earth along with other Planets – rejoicing at their success –

for being able to manifest an enlightened soul –

in spite of the Age of Darkness, despair and ignorance!

For they knew that a single ‘enlightened’ soul –

was capable of releasing several seekers from their mundane & worthless worldly existence!

So when Shri Ganesh saw that the seeker was without an iota of –

hatred, disgust and feeling of vengeance,

He took him on to the 7th Stage!

Brilliantly lit and colourful all around – the seeker was filled with divine ecstasy!

Shri Ganesh took him near a throne studded with precious gems

Shri Ganesh asked the seeker to sit on the throne.

The seeker was shy and reluctant to step forward..

just then all the deities he had met in the last 6 steps,

along with his ancestors came forward

and the seeker was crowned with a beautiful crown

studded with colourful pearls!

He had got his full self realization – He was SAT_CHIT_ANAND!


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