LGTB – boon in disguise?

May be the biggest boon in disguise for our world today!

No Child birth….no abortions, no child abuse, no sadness…no sins!

We all will live peacefully ever after – till ‘Life’ remains on earth i.e.

In fact these people seem more intelligent – they have understood that No Government – anywhere in this world can stop atrocities towards children.

Even if all is well at the home front – the child may get abused in the school, if not school, by the peers or seniors, if not them then maybe in public transport….or any damn where – a child is hardly safe these days.

And what are the supposedly normal ‘straight oriented’ people achieving anyways? They are promiscuous, cheating and lying …..if core moral values could also not be taken care of by the Admin Heads of any country why should anyone meddle with personal ‘sexual’ choices?


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