Looking For Your Soulmate? Know the Science of the Soul First.

A phase comes in almost everyone’s life, especially during adolescence, when the mind wanders in the thoughts of a lover – that special someone who will just be made for you! Thanks to so many authors and film producers and directors, they have managed to successfully give enough fuel to this particular whim of the human mind! Thus begins our journey of seeking a suitable lover or more aptly known as the soulmate – someone who has been with us through all our lives…or at least for the past 3 to 4 lives…whatever it may mean!

I remember having read (not fully though – the book was chewed away by my Alsatian pup!) a book on this by Richard Bach titled ‘A bridge across forever’ – he had described how he had met his soulmate….although later, much later..he had to separate from the same soulmate! Anyway, I have done of lot of soul searching in my life folks…and this is what I have to say about soulmates! Happy reading!

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