Fury of the lost souls


They were all standing in a queue. Waiting. Getting bored. Often they could see a large door open – full of bright lights and beautiful smell ….and get closed just as quickly. Very few souls were getting their entry in that brightly lit palace. Suddenly it vanished and there was only darkness.

The mentor came in.

Mentor: Okay souls – we have got news ! A new field will be given to you and you all will start the game from a scratch !

Souls: What?! What game? And why were we not allowed to enter through the gate?

Mentor: Because you all were not up to the mark – some are 1/4th baked, or ½ baked or maybe 3/4th but not fully baked …well I mean – you all are still not ready to enjoy a beautiful balanced life…so you all are again given a chance to get on a roller coaster ride – yet again !You will all enjoy the same things you could not get over in this existance – and continue doing so for the next couple of thousand years. Slowly and gradually again a filtration process will start – some of you will start seeking for higher things, they will rediscover the mystery of life and work to be one with the Creator…its gonna be fun – you all did enjoy your life on earth – didn’t you !? [The mentor smiled trying to make things sound simpler to the dumb souls who didn’t get their entry in the Kingdom of The Creator.]

Soul:[One of their intelligent representative] No…I mean excuse me ! you said we are to start the game from the scratch – that is not acceptable to us – we have worked for so many eons – our inventions like electricity, TV, internet, satellites….millions of them actually – surely we will have them all …..

Mentor : No! I am sorry to say this – but its not like that ! You are supposed to evolve – which you ceased to – maybe because of the boon of Free Will given to human beings – thus the rapid evolutionary process which started from single celled amoeba to vast multi-cellular Whale – to Human beings…etc. it all stopped at the Human Being level ! There were many saints and sages who were sent to catapult the evolutionary process but the message was not propagated very well …..and thus along with the greedy, jealous, corrupt and libidinous souls – many of the simple souls will also suffer – probably because they followed the foolish blokes blindly and did not use their brains..or were cowards – whatever be the reason – they too will have to suffer !

But I really don’t know why are you all so perturbed ! Think about the nice old ancient times – when females as well as males – both used to be stark naked – no clothes coming in between – total freedom to ‘hump’ anyone you wished …isn’t this the status you always wanted to establish on earth? Females are and will always remain the physically weaker sex – so with the physical strength and stamina – you males can dominate and have several females working as maids for all the 24×7 hours…life will be so cool…or ‘kewl’ as you all say !

Souls [a docile one]: No! me and my clan – we respect women – women are indispensable for us – we have taken good care of them and protected them and given them ample freedom, educated them…..so why should we suffer – for it seems the punishment is for the souls who disrespected women and made them into cheap ‘sex’ objects…but we were not involved at all – ask our women if you want….

Mentor: There is nothing to ask – its all recorded dear one ! We have been observing every move of every soul here – so we really don’t need any witnesses or proofs! But you supported the ‘greedy’ blokes blindly – you all could have stopped exploitation of the poor and the oppressed – but you never bothered for that – thus in a way even you all stopped evolving! We too have to report to the higher realms you see- to our Boss – if your Boss on Earth saw zero or meager productivity from your side – he immediately sacked you – right? So we too have to sack….orders are orders after all – but this time your astral charts will be reversed – since you were better off – harmless but not evolving – you remained neutral – therefore you will be the ones born with authority and power…so if you play your cards well – maybe next time you might just see yourself entering through that Golden Gate into the Kingdom of God !!….huh- so better luck next time – ready for rebirth – or you have some more questions?

Soul: [a sublime one]: Wait ! kindly let us know exactly how to play our cards right? Please – you may be making it sound very simple but we know how difficult its all going to be – the entire evolutionary process has been shown in various TV channels – the age of stone, iron, bronze , the barbarism…oh! It would be so nightmarish if we have to go through all that once again …

Mentor: No no – don’t think of us to be so wicked – we will erase all the memories from your recording system – and send you all as fresh souls….

Soul : But still please let us know an easy way out of this situation…

Mentor : Well, if you insist ! the name of the easy way out is ‘forgiveness’ – now can you all forgive the ones responsible for reaching you all to this state…

Souls [together] : Yes : 2% ; No, Never : 98% !

Mentor : hmm…well then ! get ready for rebirth ….[then looking at the 2%] – you are the ones who will help us give the necessary impetus to Mankind evolution this time – your names will be immortal and History will remember you for several years ! [ that was hardly any consolation for the 2% but they accepted it anyways – for there was no way out !]

Re-evolution happened. New World order was set – a new field was chosen. Humans came into existence yet again – after going through single cells to multiple cells !

The souls responsible for this status were treated like ‘muck’ – for the souls who had lost their chance of getting their entry into the Kingdom of Heaven couldn’t forgive them so easily – females who had seduced men other than their own husbands and had broken families – even after the formation of social norms, rules and code of conduct – and pulled them down into the dungeon of ‘cyclic rebirth’ were treated worst than worms. Men who had forced the females into the muck of prostitution were the worst sufferers.

They cried, wailed, howled, screamed – it all fell on deaf ears – no one heard their cries. They repeated the same mistakes. Exactly the same. The fury of the ‘lost souls’ was unending. They could never forgive the evil doers – the demons and his supporters – who promoted all the wrong things and deprived many souls from achieving what was rightfully theirs – their Freedom & an evergreen blissful and immortal life!

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