My unusual Dreams

My unusual Dreams

I will cover some of my dreams that I saw in my life and what it eventually meant !

Repetitive dreams

There were some dreams which were repetitive – not exactly the same but similar like the objects were the same but the scenario – back drop was different. Two such repetitive dreams are as follows :

My group of friends and a dilapidated old Building.

I saw myself driving an open jeep with the group of friends from the class I was actually in at the point of time when I had the dream (like when I was in class IV, I saw myself with my Class IV friends and later when in Class VII – , then with my Class VII friends…like this ).

We stop by an old dilapidated building. There is a huge hall – really huge, dimly lit and we see an old, thin Lady sitting at the corner of the hall most probably wearing a black saree. Suddenly all my friends are no more with me – they all vanish – I feel that the old Lady has got something to do with it ! Then I suddenly see myself lying on the hammock and the old Lady is holding one end of the hammock and is ready to push me to the Higher corner of the wall – she pushes me real hard and always I woke up on my bed – felt that as if I fell on my bed after the push ! I used to be wide awake after that and felt kind of scared of the dream !

This dream must have come to me some 4-5 times in my life.

Dream of an Elephant

I always had this dream that an Elephant is pursuing me. I am running with all my might to save myself from the Elephant – huge ,black colored but whenever I looked back – it was there – still following me !

Once I had seen a dream that someone is knocking at the door (I was in Delhi at that point of time – a 5 years old girl). I open the door and see a huge Elephant standing – I run inside to call my parents but see that their beds are empty and no one is there at home – I turn back and see that the Elephant has entered that room also ! Usually I woke up after this !

This dream must have come to me some 8-10 times – Later I think when I was in College – for the first time – I see myself being totally cornered by the elephant – thus finding no escape route – I face the Elephant – and even ask it what it wants – it just picks me up on its trunk and places me on its head and starts to walk around lazily ! I seem very amused at this scene and even ask the elephant : Oh! is that what you wanted to do all the time ?! …..and I see myself smiling at my previous ignorance !! After this dream – I never saw any pursuing Elephant again !

Sequential Dreams !

Often I dreamt of exams – I still dream in fact that the time is up and I have not finished my paper yet! most scary of all dreams – I can actually feel the grip at the pit of my stomach – just like one feels when one is actually giving an exam – and the time is up !! Often I see that I cannot read the Question Paper at all …sometimes I see that I am going on reading the long Question Paper …whereas my friends have already started attempting it !! Sometimes I have seen that I have no ink and I am begging for ink !!

Anyways , we usually had Social Science in one day – History and Civics in the first hour and Geography in the second hour. I have seen such dreams like – I attempted the History and Civics exam – then I woke up. After 2 –3 days I see myself again in the same class – getting up to take the Geography Test paper !! It was as if I am watching some Dream Serial !! I was pretty amazed to see this dream – probably the reason why I still remember it !!

A Lady in a Blue and White printed Chiffon Saree.

I remember this dream very vaguely – but I do remember it for I was very scared to sleep for a couple of days fearing this dream will come again !

I saw myself in a school (KV Hasimara) and a Lady in a blue and white printed chiffon saree comes in the class – she is kind of sinister and we are not very comfortable in her presence. She starts to pursue me …..and I see myself hiding from her – somewhere at this point my dream breaks.

The next day I saw the dream from where I woke up !! I saw that the Lady has tied my other class girls – even tied their mouths and each one is sitting on a wheel chair and are being pushed out of the class one by one – I see them like that and I run to save myself but then I find myself in a room with other girls – I see that Lady throwing water from a bottle at us and all the girls are screaming and trying to avoid the water – but surprisingly the water does not touch me – the Lady then looks at me and she is kind of trying to let me know that she is harmless. I still get up and run out of the class – only to turn back and see that a bull is pursuing me at full force – the school scenario has changed now and it had become – KV Mathura (I was in Mathura when I saw this dream). I get up on the stage thinking that the bull will not be able to get up on the stage – then the bull becomes a white cow and I see myself feeding it yellow colored rice grains !!

Now folks this is one really weird dream and its significance is still not clear to me !! Usually I come to know the significance of the dream either immediately or after some time when something of that sort happens in real life to me – Yes folks – dreams do have a hell of a lot of significance – well at least my dreams have !!

I see myself having babies – either about to deliver or just delivered ……

I will enumerate some dreams on a particular topic here – me having babies ! :

I remember seeing a dream while I was in college. I had this dream in the house of my local guardian – 6 B Bright Street.

I saw that I was lying on the bed and suddenly a Lady (probably nurse ) comes in and says – here this is your baby – hold it. I hold the baby all wrapped in a white cloth but I see that the baby is having 3 eyes – one on the forehead. I put down the baby on the bed and say – What is this – this baby has 3 eyes – I want a 2 eyed baby – I will not accept him as my child – saying this I am constantly arguing and I am going on say – NO 3 eyes for me – I want a normal 2 eyed baby.

Suddenly I see lord Vishnu standing in front of me – his is huge – his head touching the ceiling – 4 armed – in the form that we usually see in calendars or comics – He said : Why ? Only I am responsible for this World? He does not have any responsibility?

Saying this he looks by his side and I see my baby morphed into Lord Shiva – wearing a Tiger skin – as tall as Lord Vishnu – but eyes downcast… looking down basically not in my eyes as Lord Vishnu.

They conversed with me in Bengali though. My dream broke at this point.

Dreams of Baby Krishna :

These dreams I saw in Ambala :

I saw that I am being taken to the OT (operation Theater) – I can see myself pregnant as well. They cut open my belly to take out the baby – but the sisters around are kind of amazed to see what they see – I don’t know how – but I also manage to see what they are marveling at – I saw a fair smiling baby with milk already sticking to his mouth !! Well I guessed it must be ‘Maakhan Chor’ – Buttermilk thief of India – Lord Krishna !!

Another time I saw that I am carrying a baby to my bed. I am holding a bowl of milk and a ‘Jhinook’ (a pointed hollow spoon used to feed semi solid food to babies). Whenever I am taking the spoon near his mouth , he is pushing my hand back and not letting me feed him. Later he suddenly spoke to me ( in Bengali – he looked just 3-4 months old mind you) – he said : you don’t have to feed me like that – for do you know who I am? I asked : who? – he pointed at a Calendar that was in my bedroom (it actually was there in the bedroom ) – the Calendar was of Lord Krishna with Arjuna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra !

Dream of Lord Krishna after visiting Kurukshetra – Ambala.

As I have mentioned before that often our relatives visited us while we were in Ambala. And one of the obvious places to take them around was the Kurukshetra.

Once we went there and I saw one of my aged relatives (A lady) picking up pebbles and stones and putting it in her bag. I looked at her and asked her exactly what was she trying to do !

She said that Lord Krishan has visited here – must have walked this path – his Lotus feet must have touched this soil – so she was taking them home !!

Suddenly my scientific self woke up all energized in me – I gave her a long lecture on the different ages we had – Stone age ,iron age, bronze age…followed by the entire process of evolution – from Amoeba to whale –(remember I was fresh out of Zoology) finally winding it up with the fact that everything is just plain mythology and some intelligent Saints … men made stories etc. for the simpletons to follow certain rules and norms for building a healthy society ! I had actually read a book (don’t remember the name ) where such a thing had been written and it had got registered somewhere at the back of my mind …in fact I was pretty convinced after reading that piece of idea by some Author !!

That very night I dreamt that a tall Lord Krishna – He was fair – not dark – held me by my wrist and started taking me around the dilapidated Kurukshetra buildings and asking me things like : don’t you remember this place – and this – we were here together – and this place – how come you have forgotten – what about this room – you don’t remember even this ? !

I saw him wearing a satin dhothi with a satin shawl …like the way we see in paintings etc. but I was wearing the same outfit that I usually wore during those days in Ambala – a skirt and a T-shirt ie ! He was conversing with me in English as well as in Bengali sometimes !

I had read in a ‘Dreams Interpretation’ book once that if a person dreams of having babies then it means that a new change is coming to his life – or maybe a turning point ! In my case I was led to the world of Spirituality – a major turning point !!

A strange dream of Maa Kali in Hasimara

This dream I had while I was in Hasimara.

I saw that there is a major Train Accident and strangely the Train & the broken Railway tracks were in our School premises ! We all rush towards the accident area and instead of helping the people/ dead bodies to come out of the debris, me and my friends are busy ransacking their things and luggage! We find a ‘Ludo’ game board along with dice etc. and we begin to play with it – but strangely the squares of the Ludo were changing when we were trying to play !

I saw myself coming back from school and as I am entering I see both my siblings playfully driving away in a toy car ! Now I come to my room (In my room we actually had a Calendar of Maa Kali giving Wheat Grains to Lord Ramakrishna) – I see that Calendar – and kind of start feeling guilty of having behaved so heartlessly with the Train Accident victims – I turn to the Calendar – in my dream ie. – and ask for forgiveness – and feeling scared I rush to my parents’ bedroom – I am terribly afraid on seeing their beds empty and as I turn around – I see the same Mother Kali – huge and dark and heavily bejeweled with her ‘tongue out’ standing behind me – what she does to me I do not quite remember – but I woke up all scared at this point !

So folks these are few of the dreams which I remember vividly ! I will furnish with more as and when I remember !

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