Parents: Surr-prige Bhisit (Surprise visit) na hi de to behetar hai!

Indian Addt. World Megaminds are subtly training Indian parents to accept ‘Live in’ relationship of their children!

Indian Parents…..

Surr-prige Bhisit (Surprise visit) na hi de to behetar hai!

This advt. shows that a male is living in with a female…but has given her good training though…..

…as soon as she sees his parents…she quietly and quickly fixes tea for the aged male and the aged female who happened to have given birth to the male she was ‘sleeping-with’ before wedlock!

There are 90% chances of this entire episode to later turn into a ‘Saavdhaan India’…or some ‘Emotional Attyachaar’ episode.


It’s like back to the ‘Early Man’ age we started from!

When social evolution had just about started…like when we were kinda chimps or gorillas….we used to hang around on tree tops/ branches – and even slept around with just anyone who caught our fancy I guess…. its only when it was observed that ‘little chimps’ were going hay-wire without someone to be answerable to…that probably the question of ‘sense of responsibility’ was introduced and the elderly males of the society decided to ask the younger males to take responsibility of the litters or pups or cubs born to them….after realising their own mistakes….well I cannot now start relating the entire ‘responsibility generating’ episode here – I’m sure whoever is able to read this artwork will know exactly what I am trying to convey.

Watch Advt:

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