Such Contradictory Rules – Fire for women, Ice for men!

Such Contradictory Rules!

When a woman becomes a widow, she is burnt alive with the husband! They could at least poison her to death first – if they had to kill – but no! they forcefully pushed her and took some sadistic pleasure in her screams I guess – plus people used to gather around so that they could collect the gold that melted from her jewelry ! What sadistic brutes! Such dumbness….

 When a man became a widower – people started looking for a new bride for him almost instantly!

 The rules were made by corrupt males – since males were the superior lot and kept women under them!


Now the times have changed – women are seen crushing males under their feet.

 Why? Because the soul is immortal – the collective Yin factor is full of vengeance for the wrongs done to her, the exploitation done on her.

 It is upon us whether we let it continue …or break Free from this vicious cycle!


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