How worldwide education failed so miserably!

What…after education?

Some of the things that are done mostly by we, the people…..

Read how the nude and the semi-nude spend their days and nights?

Watch them (on TV, smatphones, cinema halls) and write/ discuss about them?

Slog all day, make some money and rush to watch them (actors) gyrate on each other’s body…to relax and enjoy!?

Fantasize about them day and night – create expectations according to their knowledge (that seems almost nil).

Fail to match real life with reel life.

Live frustrated-ly ever after – fight, scream & shout and cause ruckus among each other?

Maybe this is the reason why female foeticide is so ramphant in villages – it is either fear of dowry or fear of the fact that the girl child will turn into some concubine to a rich Beep and insult the entire family!

Who knows what is going on in the minds of the lesser knowledgeable people!


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