The Lockdown Boon – Every cloud has a silver lining!

The Lockdown Boon – Every cloud has a silver lining!

On the 50th birth anniversary of Sahaja Yoga, we faced, along with the rest of the world of course, a complete lockdown situation worldwide.

 Let’s see the beneficial points of it –

  1. Lakhs and lakhs spent on creating tents, toilets, food areas, meeting areas, puja areas came to an immediate halt. The money can be spent wisely – eg. in maintaining the existing Sahaja Yoga establishments – instead of depending on volunteers, proper recruitment with allotted work roles and monthly salaries (so that Sahaja Yoga is not treated as secondary – as we all know that the primary source of income will always have priority in everyone’s life – including in the lives of Sahaja yogis – we have earthly bodies that need to be nourished with food fetched by salaries).
  2. Teaching and initiating seekers into Sahaja Yoga online – this has been probably one of the best things that happened! Sahaja Yogis who were least interested in the Internet and the benefits of it – were forced to learn – not only to attend online meditation but also to take classes and train new seekers! This way there are videos available now where a seeker can understand the techniques like candling, raising left side or right side, drawing the Swastika correctly etc. Honestly, as a new comer, I was very confused about these and wished that someone had made proper instructional videos of the same!
  3. More and more innovative ways & ideas are coming up from various parts of the world to spread the message of Adi Shakti – what else is required anyways!!

The golden Jubilee of Sahaja Yoga that started with a silver lining!!

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