The probable significance of the Apple with a single bite logo

The probable significance of the Apple with a single bite logo

Yea, I am talking about the Apple logo.

How did it all start? Eve gave Adam the forbidden fruit and after he took that bite…well we all know what became of us after that! We were given a new world – Mother Earth –as we call our world and the divine game was launched!! The game to seek the true treasure – ie. our divinity – the route back to our Divine Creator!

Notice the snake witnessing the scene – well well – that is what is known to have coiled and placed itself at the base of our spine (our individual spine bases)recording all our deeds – more famously known as ‘Karmas’. This memory chip that is recording all our deeds throughout all our lives is called the ‘serpent energy’ or the ‘kundalini shakti’.


The Apple Logo

If you have noticed, Apple comes out with very innovative storage devices….micro-chips etc. So basically where it all began has to be winded up too – we cannot be playing the same game again and again and yet again – it kinda gets boring! So it is not just Apple but all those organizations who are engaged in building up such storage devices and apps and reaching information world wide. …connecting souls basically.



So what is the connection?

Oh! The storage device of the divine creator – the ‘serpent energy’ I referred to earlier…good old earthlings are yet to reach that level…..they can never reach that level also but I am just trying to tell the world exactly how their deeds are recorded and that they better be careful before …you know…committing a crime or sinning. Since everything gets recorded – every single thing.


Read the article:

The whirring hard drives that once occupied entire university labs held but a fraction of the data we carry in our pockets every day — and that’s only 50 years of progress.

Evolution of digital storage.

So in just 50 years of progress, the human brain could create such storage devices…..and we think how the divine must be like in ‘record keeping’!!

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