Wazir – Film Review

Wazir – Film Review

  • How easy it is to dupe the commoners!
  • How easy it is to dupe the rarers*!
  • Deadly Power of the Media.

*Rarer – Those humans who (probably) crack through difficult Public Service or civil services Exams/ Medical or Engineering or MBA admission exams from ace Indian Institutes. Also politicians & celebrities. Financially very well off – who are also called filthy rich.

How Commoners were duped:

The politician shown here was basically a terrorist who was responsible for mass annihilation of an entire area. But just because the media happened to focus their camera on him, he pretends to be very polite and docile and peace loving person – and lo behold – he becomes the Peace messiah for the entire locality! Almost instantly he shot up to fame and took up a powerful political position!

How Rarer were duped:

The entire Police force was deputed to trace down a man described by an aged wise man. They failed to do so!

Inference – What a bunch of failures we are! Jai Ho!



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