Who is taking care of your spirit?

Who is taking care of your spirit?

You have a body that you take care of with proper diet, exercise etc.
You have a mind that is the repository of your thoughts, knowledge and experiences that you have been collecting all your life. Based on your experiences, you make decisions or form opinions. If you are optimistic, you engage in positive thoughts & ideals…and if you are a pessimist, you probably wallow in self pity and think negative all the time.

You have an emotional self too that depends upon your relationship with others. If you are fortunate enough, you get the taste of pure, selfless, unadulterated love from  your parents that basically makes you emotionally strong. Only love – pure love- can make you emotionally strong or else you are nothing but an emotional wreck! This also means that you should have a congenial relationship with others because your emotional self gets nourished by these ‘others’ – relatives, friends, neighbours, colleagues etc.

You  have a spiritual self as well – that basically integrates all the three above mentioned selves! We nourish our spiritual selves through prayers, hopes and beliefs…..based on religious texts made available to us during our childhood. But is that enough? Is that all? Is there a proper way to take care of our spiritual self?

Yes, there is. Just like we have different systems in our bodies engaged in different functions – without interfering with each other – eg. Respiratory system has no dispute with the digestive system and vice versa….similarly we have a Subtle system that is responsible for connecting us with the divine source that created us!

But because of ‘FREE WILL’ bestowed upon us by our Creator, we have to consciously desire to awaken, cleanse and nourish our Subtle System – again by prayers and mantras…but this time by being fully aware & spiritually awakened!

This subtle system is made of chakras, nadis and the sleeping divine element – the Kundalini Shakti! Since this is responsible for directly connecting us to God, Allaha – or however you address the Supreme Divine Being, the person awakening and teaching you to maintain a healthy spiritual body must be authorised to do so by the same divine Being! Such a teacher is called the True Spiritual Master or Sadhguru.

Myself and several other seekers of truth…God – found our sadhguru in Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – who founded Sahaja Yoga. One can visit the site www.sahajayoga.org to find more about this spiritual science.

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