My Encounter With Instant Karma – Suspicious about GOD’s power!

My Encounter With Instant Karma –
Suspicious about GOD’s power!

True incident of my life folks! I am going to relate a happening in my life which made me realize that we are nothing but mere puppets in the loving hands of GOD.

I used to work in Kankurgachi and attended the Sahaja Yoga Satsang or collectivity in Ultadanga every Monday. It must have been the month of August and we were often given surprise visits by Rain God! I used to walk down to the Ultadanga Center since it was quite close to my office. While walking I heard thunder and saw the sky to be full with dark clouds – it was about to rain and rain heavily too!

In my heart I decided to go home instead because if it started pouring heavily, that area gets water logged followed by traffic jam etc. So thinking myself to be very wise and intelligent, I took a cab and started journeying homewards. The car broke down in the middle – the 2 drivers – both looked below 20…must be in their early twenties were getting down every 5 mins, pushing the car, re-starting and moving a bit and the car stopped again – this way we somehow reached Airport Gate No. 1 in one hour instead of the usual 20 mins – I did not get down becasue it had already started raining and I felt that being inside the car would be ideal!
Finally they asked me to get down as the car would’nt move any further but took the full amount – Cab fare – that I had to pay grumbling inside – I cannot scream or shout much and anyways screaming in the middle of the road at 2 hooligans is not just my style! I started to cross the road – wading through ankle deep dirty water when suddenly I heard my name being called out from behind.

They were Sahaja yogies returning from the satsung….I usually returned with them and got dropped right outside my house! They tried to stop the car and pick me up but the traffic Police just didn’t let them park the car in the middle and they could not stop for me!

Oh My! What was that?! I thought to myself – had I attended the satsung, I would have been sitting in the car…and not getting wet and wading through dirty drain water!! I finally got a bus and found a place to sit…I was smiling inside – asking for forgiveness from God – for suspecting HIS powers!!

Well folks, this is my story and my way of interpreting the mischievous ways of God. But in spite of the discomfort – I was also amused and full of awe for GOD! He showed me and taught me that I need not put my meagre brain so much into thinking and deciding whether God can take care or not! He is the creator – the shristikarta..learn to trust HIM folks.

Sabka Maalik Ek.

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