Film 'No Entry' Syndrome in real life – Saavdhan India Episode

Film ‘No Entry’ Syndrome in real life – Saavdhan India Episode

(Aired on 11th Feb, 2016.)

In film ‘No Entry’ Bips had taken up the job of an escort / pick-up girl/ strip-tease bar dancer’s job – basically a sex-worker’s job – because she had to pay Rs.1lakh per day to the hospital authorities where her husband was admitted for some reason..unknow…not shown in the film! He was ill..some terminal illness becasue of which wife had to become a sex-worker for that is the only highly paying job that one gets (females esp.) in exchange of just a single USP…a female body (no need for any other qualification )!

This little revelation was hurriedly made by Sallu Bhaijaan (Salman Khan) before winding up the film…we are Indians you see…Bollywood cannot show truth…that females do it willingly in order to make quick money and of course enjoying multiple sex partners at the same time!

Well in the Savdhaan India (SI hereinafter) episode, husband pretends to suffer from some terminal illness and makes money by turning his own wife into a sex-worker! The wife was blindly in love with him and never thought that it was her husband who was the pimp! When she comes to know that the doctor was a fraud and the beans were about to get spilled, her husband gets her arrested for being a shameless woman who slept around for money and luxury!

Anyways, she was lucky enough to be arrested by a competent Lady Police Officer – who actually gave justice to her…rather than taking money from her husband to douse down the case!

So basically when corrupt beep males watch movies like ‘No Entry’ they get great ideas of wife-swapping or supplying wives!

Jai Ho – Mera Bharat Mahaan!

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