The Gods we worship & the things we learn

The Gods we worship & the things we (ought to) learn

Shri Rama is the 7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Shri Lakshmana, is the incarnation of Shri Sheshnaag.

I want to draw your attention to one of the episodes of their life while they were on Mother Earth. The episode of ‘Being approached by Demon Princess Surpanakha’.

Surpanakha was a married woman & even a mother. She was the sister of demon king Ravana.

While she is loitering alone in forests – adventure seeking I guess – she saw 2 handsome men – Shri Rama & Shri Lakshmana.

She showed her interest to ‘dive on the hay’ with them – yeah – direct approach to copulate/ fornicate – as ‘Consenting adults’ do nowadays!!

She was immediately turned down by Shri Rama & when Shri Lakshmana also turned her down, she thought that Mother Sita was the reason why they were not agreeing to ‘sleep’ with her – so she attacked Sita Mata to kill her!

Shri Lakshmana immediately took action and cut away her nose – naak kaat di – which is now used as an idiom which means ‘being insulted’.

So this is what our incarnations taught us – not to give in to lust & indulge in sex with some ‘consenting cheap creep’ (be it male or female) but have self control and be loyal to your respective spouse.

The woman who becomes a wife – leaving her family – to take forward your lineage – has to be respected – if not worshiped – for all the sacrifices that she makes in order to keep the world order in perfect sync.

So people, when the entertainment world promotes and justifies flirtatious disposition, promiscuousness and infidelity in both males and females, know for certain that they are working for the demon and dark satanic forces. Beware.

In Bengal we have a saying for such creatures – ‘Bhoot er mukhe Ram Naam’!

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