Udta Punjab Review – A 'No Solution' scenario in India

Udta Punjab Review

While watching this film I was reminded of something that Swami Vivekananda had said about a 100 years ago. He said – not exactly his words, but the essence of what he said – that India will remain in Tamasic disposition for the next 100 years…so in the meanwhile they should focus on sports and try to remain healthy by participating in athletics etc. He was so right!

In this movie we can see different kinds of people succumbing to drugs. Some were forced into it, some went out of curiosity, some due to peer pressure or influenced by the fashion or glamour world!


Here are some characters from the film who get into drug addiction:

Alia, who is originally from Bihar, is a district level hockey player who intends to even participate in the state level hockey tournament. Unfortunately her father expires and she has to support her family members by working in the fields of Punjab as a labourer. She happens to stumble across a packet of drugs (heroin) and comes to know – to her utter surprise – that the packet could fetch her lakhs of rupees! Hoping to make quick money she falls in the trap of drug dealers and pedlars – who beat her up and start using her for sexual services! They inject drugs in her veins so that she gets in the habit of consuming drugs and never leaves them.

Tommy Singh (made to act and behave like Honey Singh – singing lewd cuss songs and entertaining the dumb & frenzied mass of youths!) is a pop-star who is heavily into drugs. He gets a high only after consuming drugs and only then can he perform – like a wild goat on stage. He happens to misbehave in public and is arrested by the cops. While in jail he sees some young boys sing his songs and appreciate him for introducing the beauty of drugs through his songs. He is disturbed by such a revelation and tried to mend his ways. It is shown that 2 young teenage boys even murdered their mother because she was refusing to give money for drugs! How wastefully humans treat their lives! Amazing.

Bobby is a young school boy, who often bunks school and injects drugs in his veins with his friends. His brother is a junior Police Officer  who is shocked to know about his younger brother and admits him in a rehab institute run by Kareena.

What the film is trying to show is that very senior police officials and even the politicians are totally involved in smuggling of drugs inside the state (from neighbouring countries). Also the fact that they have their share in reaching drugs to young school and college students – to basically anyone who is ready to shell out Rs. 3000/- per gram of powered drug!

The slow poison is gradually killing the society from the roots.

Anyways, people are shown to admit their kith and kin in rehab centres so that they become sober.  But Alia – the sportsperson cures herself with the help of sheer self control. She not only rehabs herself with her strong willpower and fighting spirit but also kills the man who was raping her daily and getting more customers for her so that he could earn more money! That’s why I mentioned in the beginning why I was reminded of Swami ji’s suggestion – he probably knew that sportsperson and athletes know how to fight their own battles and never give up! It is good to introduce discipline in your lives – like sports people do and keep fit.

The end of the film shows basically a ‘no solution’ scenario! Somehow Kareena and the junior Police Officer  collect evidence against the politician who was directly involved in smuggling drugs …but as we all know the Indian law and judiciary situation – every thug will escape scot free – because they have made billions by selling drugs…so chucking a few lakhs towards the greedy and corrupt officials including all the criminal lawyers and advocates is not a big deal for the thugs!

Conclusion – Indians cannot get over their ‘slavery’ attitude…first it was the Moguls, then the Britishers…now they are helpless slaves of all such things that harm the growth and progress of the nation as a whole – wasteful lifestyles of the glamour world (Tommy Singh) and drugs – to forget their failure….of not being able to achieve the dreams that the surreal glamour world creates for them…so what to do? Get lost in drug addiction and die – wah! What an idea sir ji(s)!!!

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