Tantrikas belong to Satan’s tribe and can be born as despots, psychologists or as great scientists.

They entice thousands of people through their lectures, and even induce nations to wage wars against other countries founded on a moral or spiritual religious base.

In these modern times there are many such personalities who have incarnated in India and the West. They are enticing and hypnotising gullible human beings, and misusing their so-called spiritual powers for the accumulation of wealth and sexual satisfaction.

Like sadists they master and enslave their masochistic followers.

In the name of modernism they are giving a deathly twist to the ‘old religion’ under the guise of a new format.

They preach shamelessness in the name of permissiveness, and have enthralled many societies particularly in the West.

Their creative genius, subtle intelligence and first-hand knowledge of the subject have succeeded in smashing many devoutly-held practices with their ancient philosophies of total indulgence or of hypocritic abstinence.

These days people like to read whatever challenges the old and accepted ideas. The old commandments of religion are no more accepted by modern man as there is no absolute measure for them, and no one can prove their validity.

Such an atmosphere is best suited for the Tantrikas to spread their infectious attack on human weakness by supporting and promoting such weaknesses.

Shri Mataji ( From Book of Adi Shakti)

From the Facebook timeline of Sahaja Yogini, Armaity Bhabha

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[ BEWARE …This post is for the awareness of many people who out of ignorance may get themselves trapped in the clutches of those who can do irreversible damage to them… to their subtle system… in the name of spirituality]

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