Drive Away The Parasite

Drive Away The Parasite

He was sitting alone in the corner

Unconfident, vulnerable

You extended your hand of friendship

You became friends


A Revelation came your way….

You came to know of his dark past & present

He was not a good fellow after all

He was a drug addict, achoholic

Womaniser, pimp, thief, drug peddlar…

It was his way to rope in good people

by appearing innocent and gullible



Your well wishers warned you

Of the consequences –

‘Unfriend him dude’ they said

A man is known by the company he keeps

You did not listen & continued to stick to him

Love heals all… you thought – you were taught!



But the inevitable happened!

The cops came looking for him

And so did you come in their bad books

You spent the entire night behind the bars

Your parents were ashamed and humiliated

All your friends, kith & kin looked at you

With raised eyebrows!


You were hurt too…you left his company alright

But you learnt it the hard way!


Know it once & for all folks…

It’s chemotherapy that heals cancer –

so that you may continue to live

It’s pesticide that kills the pests –

So that we may eat good


…drive away the parasite

Before it sucks away your blood,

.. and puts an end to your precious life!



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