Wife swapping between brothers – SI Episode

Wife swapping between brothers – SI Episode


A simple family girl weds into a family of 2 brothers. To her dismay she finds that her husband was happily sleeping (having sex) with his elder sister-in-law…and he expected his newly wedded wife to sleep with his elder (own) brother!

Awww…this is what people mean when they call themselves broadminded – beware folks! Her husband thought that she would also enjoy sex with someone other than her husband just like the wife of his elder brother! The confidence of such depraved males of course increase because they get to see film stars dying to show their bodies and dive on bed and sing a hot sultry song so that her mating call and nuances attracts the male ….whoever is available around with her! Being exposed to such dirty images and psyche of women lore through films, advertisements, men grow up thinking that females would be happy if they are allowed to sleep around! So they thought themselves to be pretty broadminded – they mix something in her drink (hard drink) and tie her eyes so that she can’t see who is she copulating with! What ridiculous ideas these perverts can get! Like they tied a red silken cloth around her eyes…that can slip anytime…but it only came out after the ‘needful’ was done and over with!


Anyways, she did not like the idea at all! She probably was old fashioned and back-dated who believed in BEEPING her husband only! She goes and complains to her mother-in-law (MIL) ! Initially MIL disbelieved her but later the newly wed bride managed to prove it in front of her in-laws. The MIL is shown to be ashamed at her son’s nature and apologises from the newly wed.

Conclusion – Do a thorough background check before tying the knot with some sleazy lustfull pervert drain pig!

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