Reservation – When, Where & Why?

Reservation – When, Where & Why?

You can reserve seat in public transport for the aged, pregnant & physically handicapped persons. An area is also reserved exclusively for ladies only so that they are saved from any untoward incident that may occur if some loafer/ cheapster happens to board the train or bus and has eve-teasing/ groping as his favorite pass-time!

Job Reservation or special quota based of caste

Very wrong idea! A job should be alloted only and only and only on the basis of merit. Period.

Job Reservation or special quota based of financial status

Wrong again!! A job should be alloted only and only and only on the basis of merit. Period.



Qs. Where is the harm?

Ans. In the very root of the issue! A hard working, meritorious student, who has the basic knowledge base or wisdom, who will know his job responsibilities and will be in a better position to handle situations – will definitely be a better candidate to take up a responsible position in any organization. Such deserving candidates will be happy to perform their duties because deep inside they know that they worked hard for it and got the reward too. Meaning – a competent & satisfied executive leading to better organizational productiveness and overall progress of the company.

Qs. You think that those who enter via quota are unhappily performing their duties?

Ans. Not always! There can be many such candidates who get special favours because of their caste but they are actually intelligent/ meritorious too – who could probably get the seat because of merit itself but since they have the Quota option, so they take advantage of it! Such candidates are usually born in financially well-off/ stable families – usually..though exceptions are always there too!

On the other hand, the candidates who are academically poor/ inattentive/ non-focused with below average performance and who somehow manage to pass school and college exams – if they are given some such position that needs a high level of dedication and presence of mind in handling subordinates or situations– they would be a miserable failure at that (morning shows the day – remember?) – so consequently a poor performer will lead to lower productivity and eventual downfall of the department/ organisation.

Qs. Should the financially poor candidates not be helped?

Ans. Of course they should be helped – absolute 100% help should be provided to them. They are citizens of the nation who have the right to vote…a right to healthy living – why should they not be helped if they are facing financial crisis? But when I am talking about helping them out – I mean to help the entire poverty stricken (financially backward) mass! Why just 1 or 2 of them? They should be given free education, books and even food along with hygienic living conditions. Why just pick up 2 or 3 financially poor candidates and give them entry into some Government organisation? And what other criteria do they have to fulfil? Like they have to be BPL (Below poverty line) but should show high grades on their report cards throughout their academic life?! It is so very contradictory! The general category and the financiall poor candidates should be good in academics but those belonging to a certain caste/ subclass can hold a responsible position in a Govt. run organisation in spite of their poor academic background?! This concept itself is so wrong!

Qs. How can it harm if couple of poor candidates get a good job and make their lives better?

Ans. It is a human psychology to fulfill the needs of the self first and foremost. Nothing wrong in this – a very common & natural psychology. When candidates from dire poverty suddenly find themselves surrounded with better conditions…they may develop a tendency to make it even better. And in order to make it even better, there are chances that they may succumb to corruption and bribery too. Corruption at any level, anywhere, is not good for the nation.

Qs. Oh My! Are you trying to say that only the poor are corrupt?! There are several incidents of the filthy rich people involved in high level corruption – what about them?

Ans. They are wicked, greedy, corrupt people by default but unfortunately they rule the media – both through politics and entertainment. The poor learn from the rich. Not all rich are corrupt and neither are all poor corrupt. But definitely those who are wicked and greedy flaunt their flamboyant lifestyle and the weaklings immediately fall for such fakeness!

Qs. Anything else that you may like to add regarding reservation?

Ans. Yes, one important thing is the constant humiliation and belittling attitudes of colleagues and subordinates surrounding those who get an entry because of reservation or quota. I have heard of many such ragging cases and constant insulting remarks made by cynical colleagues! Therefore, even if the person is a good performer, he will soon become cynical himself and purposely turn into some corrupt & mean officer!

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