Why do you feel that Sita Mata suffered?

Why do you feel that Sita Mata suffered?

As soon as she got married, she left with her husband to live independently – without the interference of mother-in-laws!

She got the single minded and single hearted devotion of her husband Shri Rama – for all the 13 years while she was with him!!

Had Shri Rama been made the king, he would have gotten busy with the mundane affairs of the kingdom and would never have spent time with Sita Mata!

More than a wrath, it was a boon for any newly wed wife to get the attention of her husband all the 24/7 hours!!

And the next time she was exiled alone..she wasn’t alone for too long! She gave birth to Luv and Kush to give her company and keep her busy ! Anyways the priorities of women change drastically up on the birth of children – now she could give single minded attention to her children.

As far as getting exiled the second time is concerned – well, it was her way to show fellow women to respect and obey the boundaries (maryadas) set by courteous & righteous men. You see it is a male dominated world – men are made by default to dominate and protect the women who belong to them. They know how things are in the wilderness. In order to protect the delicate women in their lives – who may be attacked anytime by demon males all around, responsible men have to come up with strategies and plans to take care of their mothers, sisters, wives & daughters! Sensible women ought to understand and abide by the rules set by courteous men. If one defies it, one has to face dire consequences.

At the same time, same era, if you notice – demon princess Surpanakha was also a woman who used to loiter around freely in deep forests and had the freedom (sassiness actually) to pick up any sex-partner who caught her fancy! She failed to seduce Shri Rama…and the rest is all known to us – how she brought about the end of her brother Ravana’s dynasty!

So folks, all the screaming and shouting by couple of women who are talking about freedom is a bit confusing actually – what exactly are they considering as freedom? To be able to roam about semi-nude and pick up sex-partners randomly…just like their demon male counterparts do?

Think about it!


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