Kapoor & Sons Film – First Review

Yes! Very KaPoor-ish style!

Females are not given much clothes to wear – men, on the other hand are all wearing full pants if you notice!

All females are made to wear tiny nothings so that they are able to do what they are born to do – Arouse / turn on males by showing their semi-nude selves!

I have been watching Raj Kapoor films since childhood and most of the films certainly contained his signature style (USP) – Semi Nude female as the lead actress!
In fact he is the one who introduced nudity in the roles of leading actress pretty deftly! Initially Hindi films showed that a female has to perform a sexy cheap dance in front of sleazy swines because of some Majboori and vamps were hired (eg. Helen, Bindu) to add some nudity in the film so that more tickets are sold and they can make more money. Like males understand the psychology of majority of males so he played upon the biggest weakness of males – Nude female body – wow – what an idea sirji! That was quite an intelligent move on his part…nudity was introduced as regular item (instead of blue film) in ‘U’ Universal films!

rajHumein kuch nahi pata ji/
hum eternally nadaan hai ji/
aurat vastra-heen hi sundar lagti hai ji/
humare desh – jahan Ganga beheti hai na ji….
vaha aur bhi bahut kuch beheti hai ji….
aap khud hi dekhiye ji

So how did he convince Indian citizens (who claim to be religious zealots) to allow such shamelessness openly?           

Simple – just by adding the names of Gods in the song or film title…we, the naive & probably extremely sex-starved citizens jumped at his great idea to watch semi-nude females with family – mother, sister, wife, daughter……

So now that the great showman introduced nudity among women as a very ‘DONE’ thing…we have girls nowadays (some girls) who fight to go out ‘almost nude’ in public…in the name of fashion of course…nothing else!


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