Why do couples engage in PDA (Public Display of Affection)?

This Maybe a Theory….

Why do couples engage in PDA (Public Display of Affection)?

Let me cite and example of a yesteryear film ‘Piya ka ghar’.

In this ghar (house of Hubby), the entire family used to sleep in one room! Obviously newly and legally wedded couples would want to explore each other…which they were not able to do amidst other family members. Like when citizens do not pay heed to Government rules like ‘Hum Do, Humare do’ – such things are bound to happen! A match-box sized house and more than a dozen children! Parents probably ‘BEEPed’ in front of growing children also – so what do you expect such children – who are exposed to ‘live-blue-film’ since early childhood – to do? Obviously indulge in PDA!

This film basically focussed on small sized houses and over a dozen inhabitants! It is but natural for such family members to indulge in PDA once they grow up!

'Heyyy,NO French sniffing!!' (two dogs)
‘Heyyy,NO French sniffing!!’ (two dogs)


But some filthy rich people with huge bedrooms or bungalows too indulge in PDA!

Oh! Certain richie rich people can get away with anything – they are crassy and have no sense of shame or responsibility! They do not give a damn to social growth or development – rather they do not want strong personalities or morally-sound characters around – because if strong personality citizens begin to react to nonsense – they are the ones who will suffer first! So they rather promote (eg. Bollywood) shameless display of physical intimacy between couples.


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