Celebrities better not endorse Sahaja Yoga!

Celebrities better not endorse Sahaja Yoga!

When I had just about joined Sahaja Yoga way back in 2002, I heard other sahajees discussing about a certain lady celebrity (name withheld) who had taken the blessings of Shree Mataji and she had won the most sort after beauty pageant that year. Sahajees were also discussing that if she (the model) wanted, she could have really taken Sahaja Yoga much forward by just spreading the word of what Kundalini shakti is all about and if only she had talked about Shree Mataji in public…it would have instantaneously spread worldwide – for she had won the title at an International level.

I heard it all and came home thinking all about the discussion. And then I profusely thanked God (and Shree Mataji) from the bottom of my heart!! I was already 4-5 months old in Sahaja Yoga and with God’s grace I could feel the vibrations as well as the pull on the Sahasrara –plus witnessing and experiencing several divine miracles too!

So why did I thank HER?

Because had the female celebrity (FC hereinafter) told the world about Shree Mataji and Sahaja Yoga….I might have lost the great opportunity to attach myself with Sahaja Yoga!! You see the FC had won the tile at a very young age, she had not even passed out of her school …and what was being reported about her in all the Fashion Magazines? The following:

She was a chain smoker, She had a boyfriend who she had recently ditched, she was planning on changing her boyfriend, she was shown dancing at a party (not acting, real life) – kind of dirty dancing posture – she was shown clinging closely to a male at the party!

All this was too shocking for my kinds of girls! Like when we were in Class 11th  or 12th, we were all tensed about the 12th class boards and what will happen after school, which college to join etc. Diving straight on bed with a male, smoking, boozing etc….was just out of question! Yes, we used to attend parties at Army Institutes or watch films…. but we were never so bold!

Well folks, I am pretty much sensitive and form immediate mental blocks to situations – if I see anything untoward. If this FC had talked about Sahaja Yoga – I would have immediately formed a mental block regarding the same! If a female who has not even hit her 20’s,  is a chain smoker, has slept around (yeah- models are famous for all this….don’t be shocked), changed boyfriends like clothes, unabashedly did the bikini round – in spite of much uproar against such bold body displays…..what kind of spiritual body was she associated with!?? Which spiritual Guru would ever teach a female to undress and please the sex-starved audience!? Omg! And I would have definitely lost my chance to know and learn about Sahaja Yoga!

So folks, whatever happens, happens for good! Had this FC even talked about Sahaja Yoga, not only me but many true spiritual seekers would have lost this golden opportunity of connecting with the divine! We are humans after all, we do tend to judge based on previous records!


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