Advertising Mind Block – Negligibly dressed female will make the sale!

Advertising Mind Block – Negligibly dressed female will make the sale!

I am writing about a  personal experience. I was a career Advisor in Arena Multimedia. The management decided to make a short Advt. film to be shown on local cables and Metro stations –to increase the awareness regarding career opportunities of the Multimedia sector , IT Industry.

So a small time advertising company was hired to shoot a film – showing the Institute, the students and other available facilities. The guys came in with cameras and tri-pods and mikes etc and 2 females. The 2 females were wearing colorful men’s vest (known as spaghetti sleeve by fashion designers) and tight jeans. Most of the time the camera was focusing on them…

When eventually the advt. film was made, I saw to my surprise that when I was enacting counselling, the camera was focussing on the curves of the spaghetti sleeves clad female!!

Really!? So the dull headed dullards actually think that young boys will join the Institute if they see negligibly dressed females in the premises? And what about the girls…they need to be all lesbians then to be attracted towards such curvaceous females!

And why do they need counsellors like us – de-glamorized salwar kameez clads? They should hire pretty looking sassy females who would even agree to sleep with the customer in order to make the sale! Right?

How terribly sick is the mentality of males in advt. agencies! And how very dumb!

We have to make 10 to 15 calls to each candidate (on an average) then he/she comes with parents, then discount etc. is discussed, we talk for hours together trying to convince the candidate about the advantages of joining the multimedia course – and lo behold! here we see in the 10 mins short documentary film that a negligibly clad female with whorish nuances is the actual dough that makes the candidates join the educational institute! What a sheer waste of time and energy huh!

I have even spoken with such parents also who have sold out their land or taken money from ppf or pension account in order to get their son admitted in the Institute! There are serious people who are genuinely seeking a good Institute for their wards so that they have a secured future….such frivolous projection of sassy females may backfire all our efforts!

Anyways, I had shown my disappointment upon watching the advt. film…and most of them thought that I was angry because I was not given much coverage! So very immature and sick are people in this world! Most people lack the art of seeing the big picture actually!


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