Down With Myths – English Language Myths

Down With Myths – English Language Myths

People who can speak English have a strong personality.

There are TV advts. that show things like the moment a person starts speaking English, he’ll start getting a lot of attention …from esp. the opposite sex!..and he’ll be counted among those who possess a strong personality.

It is alright to know an additional language – helps in Professional life – no doubt – but the fact that you attain a strong personality just by being able to converse in English is a total Myth!

In countries where the native language is English, the thieves, pickpockets, charlatans..even illiterate beggars – all speak good English – so would that mean that they will have a stronger personality than a Indian University Professor teaching Hindi or Sanskrit?

A (any) language is just a medium to express yourself. Period.

A language cannot strengthen personalities. Your set of experiences, upbringing, education, attitude, behavior with others and many more things chisel out your personality.


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