Assets & Property @ Sports people vs. Entertainment people

Assets & Property @ Sports people vs. Entertainment people

Look at the collage that shows the property & assets of celebs – from sports and entertainment world.

What can be inferred?

School Teachers should be hired from the fashion world who will teach the girls all the ‘whorish’ nuances and dressing sense so that they can all lead a hot and fashionable happening life surrounded with riches and luxuries.

The teachers hired from the Fashion world will obviously be paid more (triple the amount) than the regular subject teachers because ultimately they will prove to be the ones who taught the girls to make money..and more money. Since it has been totally established that ‘Only Money Matters’ in this world plus we, the people, take birth for coitus only, so introducing ‘How to become more sassier to make money ’ should be a mandatory subject in schools.

Inference: If any human looks heavenwards trying to question God about the ways of the world…I’ll personally come to skin them alive or rip them apart. For you see…humans watch a film/mujra etc. and purchase tickets to watch the hot scintillating scenes to fantasize later…..God is nowhere in the scene.




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