Avataars are divine motivators who come to augment social evolution.

Avataars are divine motivators who come to augment social evolution.

They motivate according to the  knowledge /skill base available to mankind during that era.

  • Avataars (Divine Incarnations) visit Mother Earth to motivate  & teach humans about the ways of life.
  • They give the necessary impetus towards social evolution.
  • They usually enact the role keeping in mind the inclinations and tendencies of humans at that particular time period – Yuga.

They have to behave exactly like humans – sometimes even give in to human frailties and weaknesses  and usually don’t expose their supernatural powers (exceptions are there*) otherwise the entire reason behind the Divine Birth will fail – why? Because they want humans to know and learn about their rights and powers – if the Avataars use supernatural powers to destroy evil – then humans will themselves never take the initiative to fight against the wrong doers or the evil demons but subserviently wait for some divine intervention!

We, the Indians, highly revere and respect the divine incarnations because we know in details about their teachings that led us to where we are today.

Ours is a very ancient culture – we have been there, done that – thus we are so tolerant.

Don’t think that we are regressive – in fact, by being tolerant and forgiving, we are actually being very progressive.

(exceptions among divine incarnations* –eg. Shri Krishna made it very evident that He had divine powers – the way he began killing the demons since his birth…yet He just became a Charioteer to Arjuna during the Kurukshetra war.
Lord Christ suffered immensely – unbelievably brutal was the way the commoners were punished by the law makers during that time zone – but while He was alive, He did show some divine powers and after His bodily death, he resurrected showing the immortality of the soul and that there were Divine Law makers up there who take care of the evil doers!)

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