Beep Images On My Timeline – Forgive the Immoral!

Apologies Folks!

As we know,

It takes all sorts to make this world

This world is made of several billion combinations and permutations of genes..(karmas?)

Not everyone is fortunate enough to be born to good parents and clean environment

Some are born in pervert conditions – they are depraved by default!

Whether it is their Karma that they are born to corrupt & immoral families

Or our karma that we have to mandatorily co-exist with such entities…

Is not to be discussed…rather not be discussed!!

I am just writing this because couple of ‘sexually explicit’ images

Were displayed on my timeline on Facebook

And my inbox got filled with shocked expressions –

Be rest assured folks – such images will never be tagged from my side

Some corrupt, immoral, depraved BEEP must have gone on spreading his ‘frustration’ spree

Early in the morning today!

We all just need to ‘turn a blind eye’ – after all we are Indians…

Humble, noble, subservient, complacent…ever-forgiving MEEKS

Take care.


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