History shows us that religious differences have always divided humanity often leading to struggle and wars. Till today, we have not been able to solve this rigmarole and confusion and we are yet ruing the consequences.

The reason for this is that so far there have only been very few on this earth who have been able to see a common thread running through our differences. “Unity in diversity” has merely remained a concept.

Just as each one of us plays roles in life and are known by those tags, the unifying factor within us remains one… our “self”…. what we truly are beyond our egos, conditionings, physical, mental and emotional selves. We are sons and daughters to our parents, brothers or sisters to our siblings, nephews and nieces to our uncles and aunts, grandchildren to our grandparents , parents to our own children, etc. etc. We may be known by these various labels attached to our own names by different people, but within ourselves, we remain one. Only after getting our “self-realization”, we get to witness our true self….. unadulterated by our own egos and conditionings.

In the same way, the Divine Power which we acknowledge because of the religious conditionings that we acquire due to accident of our birth in a particular family following a certain religion, characterizes our vision of Divinity. Due to our egos, most of us believe that only our vision is the right one and others fall short in comparison. Differences always lead to conflict.

But have we ever stopped to wonder why we as human beings have not been able to sort this out for so long ? Just as each one of us plays roles in life and are referred to by these tags by others , yet we remain one at our core. Can this not be the same with the Divine Power… the God… whom we refer to by different names ?

All the Religions at least agree about one point and that is that the Divine has created us, the World and the Universe. Now to achieve such gargantuan, humongous and colossal work, The Divine has to play different roles for which different Powers are needed. So the Divine which at an un-manifested state of Creation is Formless, has to assume Forms with the right needed powers to do that work when it starts manifesting. But we cannot ever assume that One Form is greater than the Other. All the powers are needed to do the work at a particular stage in time.

Self-Realization through Kundalini awakening

It’s only after our Self-Realization through Kundalini awakening gets established within us as a state of being , that we can see this picture. If the Formless and various Forms of God are One, where is the problem ? Where are the differences ? Where is the Conflict ?

It is only through the Grace of the Divine that The Divine reveals Himself/Herself to us and gives us the Pure Divine Knowledge which is the ultimate aim of our human lives.

Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi

Through the latest incarnation of the Divine in the form of Shri Adi Shakti… the Holy Ghost …..the Divine Mother… Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi… who came down on this earth with all Her Powers…. to fulfill prophesies made by all the religions….. specifically to save mankind by giving those who were seeking their Self-Realization and Pure Divine Knowledge … that the answer has now come to us as humanity as a whole…..the very purpose of our human lives and why we are here on this earth.

It’s only when we truly become one… realize the true meaning of brotherhood of men by virtue of our inner enlightened experiences that all differences will disappear, all conflicts and fights will simply go.

AuthorArmaity Bhabha.

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