Shevri 2006 film – The boredom of marital life – A Review.

Shevri – The boredom of marital life.

A film that showed the life of a common woman. Being married for round 16 years, her husband suddenly tells her that he is not interested in carrying on life with her…Reason – Unknown..boredom!

Husband-wife relationship

He mentions that when a relationship stagnates, it begins to rot – so it is better that they part ways before rotting together under the same roof. She tries her best to save her marriage but gets beaten in return!

They have a teenage son – the responsibility of course came on the mother! The father happily washes his hands off them!


Woman-workplace relationship

Her struggle begins – as a working woman – since she was now carrying the badge of ‘Divorcee’ – her old haggard boss tries to approach her with ulterior motives….she turns them all down of course because of which her boss starts showing his attitude, becomes strict and would not grant her leave etc. One of her male colleagues – a simple fellow – too develops a weakness for her – he had his own battle to fight – being a father of 3 daughters, one of them being mentally challenged, he was somehow existing with his wife and children. His only good time was when he spent time with her – that’s all!

Mother-son relation

She tries her best to be pally with her alienating son – spent money on fast food or show him a film in the mall – but the son is unable to enjoy with his mother – he is confused as well. His father takes him for a vacation to Mahabaleshwar…so fearing the fact that the son will be more drawn towards his father, she sells her jewelry so that she could splurge on her son too! Very sad to see how parents think that spending money is the only way to win over a child’s heart! And because parents themselves are confused about love, warmth and togetherness…how will the children ever know what life is all about?!

Over all a very sad film indeed! She continues to live alone with a horny room-mate away from her son and mother just to work and make money for her son’s future! There are many such cases in India – women single-handedly performing the most thankless job since eons – motherhood!

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