Beginner’s Guide to Sahaja Yoga

Beginner’s Guide to Sahaja Yoga

This article is written exclusively for those who have just been introduced to Sahaja Yoga.

As a seeker, you must have gone through the main website maintained by Sahaja yoga – which is

Here is a checklist of the basic things one ought to know as a Sahaja yogi.

  1. Knowing your subtle instrument – the nadis and the chakras.
  2. The deities at each chakra and their qualities.
  3. Raising the Kundalini and giving bandhan
  4. Balancing – Left, right and center – the associated mantras
  5. The Mahamantras
  6. Foot Soaking
  7. Morning meditation – Things to do as a beginner

Other important things to know:

*Know about Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi

**Raising the kundalini and giving bandhan is taught at the sub-center . Slowly and gradually you will be taught everything regarding your own divinity.

*** Sahaja yoga is taught for free.


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