Can we transcend our astral configuration?

Can we transcend our astral configuration?

Yes, we can.

Astral charts get created for an individual at the soul* level based on his/her set of karmas.

The astral chart is created based on the good and the bad deeds (karmas) of the life just left plus the residual karmas of all the previous lives lived by the soul.

The karmas get recorded in the coiled element (aka. Serpent energy or kundalini shakti) placed at the base of the spine in a dormant state – ie. the individual will be heavily stamped by karma and his/her life will go according to celestial constellations (nakshatras) and planetary movements as arranged for him/her according to his/her set of karmas.

It is again due to the individual’s set of karmas that makes him/her seek higher things and becomes an ardent seeker and spiritual aspirant.

When the student is ready, the teacher will come! When the true spiritual aspirant meets the Sadhguru, then by the grace of such a Sadhguru, he/she can start his/her spiritual journey.

When an individual starts his journey, the coiled element (Kundalini shakti) becomes activated and begins to uncoil and heal the individual (because She knows all about the soul since its inception)– since the main aim of human life is to manifest his divinity – to merge with the creator – to be the free spirit! To reach the state of Sat-Chit-Ananda (Truth-Awareness-Bliss absolute).

When the spiritual seeker starts his spiritual journey – the planets too help him and make his path smoother – as the divine Kundalini shakti heals the planets too – because a single ray of divine light (that the true spiritual aspirant can bring in this world) can heal billions of Universes all at once…and the planets too are part and parcel of the same universe!

Karmas fall off or dissolve away in the brilliance of the self-realized soul.

*Soul: Upon death, out of the 5 elements that make the body, the earth element drops off, the entity is left with 4 elements only – this status is called ‘soul’.



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