Cheeni Kum – Proved to be way too dangerous in real life- saavdhan india episode

 Cheeni Kum – Proved to be way too dangerous in real life- SI Episode.(saavdhan india episode)

In this Saavdhaan India (SI) Episode, it is shown that a 50 years old budau (aged man)…psst…in film Cheeni Kum, Amitabh was 65 years old…..falls in love with a 20 years young girl and the girl also reciprocates to his love proposal.

They get married and as it is very natural, all the locality males were eavesdropping and being sarcastic towards the budau! The young bride is shown to be very intelligent and bright and she shoos off the petty locality teasers through her cleverness.

But as soon as they are about to celebrate their first night together, the girl’s mother butts in and starts creating problems for the newly wed ‘utterly-mismatched’ couple.

She then askes the budau to do the following-

Get his ‘mardangi’ (manhood) checked!- The poor budau actually goes to a clinic to probably check whether his sperm count is normal or not! Gosh! What humiliation males – esp. dilapidated budaus take just to jump on bed with a young female!! So Sick…and so amusing too!

Then she asks him to give gold …and then his house in the name of her daughter!

Budau does everything…and at long last the mother agrees to let her daughter sleep with the budau!

Budau is very happy and to increase his happiness, his Mother-in-law (MIL) gives him a mixture with milk ..which was supposed to increase his sex-drive! Just imagine folks…we, the Indian women are known for our shyness and coyness…but look what we actually are like – so very shameless and ultra modern – giving son-in-law the tips to sexually satisfy daughter!!

Anyway – as it is so very evident …budau faints after having the milk shake and gets up in the morning only to find both mother-daughter missing from his house! He then approaches the police, law etc. and somehow manages to get his property back!

Points to ponder upon:

What was the need for the old haggard budau to marry such a young girl!? It is so obvious that such a girl will have ulterior motives…why would she marry an aged beep when she is herself so young and beautiful? – any young man would readily marry her and she too can enjoy life with a young and energetic life partner!

If the budau wanted companionship – he should have given an advt. in the Newspapers or become a member in some matrimonial site where all sorts of age-group are available – he could have gone for some lady in her late 30’s or 40’s!

So basically whatever happened to the budau ….he deserved every bit of it. This episode should be shown to all the aged porn film watchers..and I sincerely hope that such criminal minded females should attack the lustful budaus and ruin them totally!

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