Why Chitrangada Singh could not become a super-hot actress in spite of her striking good looks?

Chitrangada Singh, the actress I first saw in the film ‘Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi ‘ (HKA hereinafter) – she obviously is a striking beauty – no doubt about it – but in spite of her pretty face – she could not make it big…till very late.


The reason may be as follows – In the film HKA:

  1. She was shown to ‘beep’ (the F word – ya) her boyfriend in the college Library while some college event was full on!
  2. She gets married to someone else – not the one she beeped with in college Library – but in spite of being married – she kept meeting & mating with her ex-lover in the Govt. circuit house! Like her husband was an IAS officer in the film (played by Ram Kapoor)- but that did not matter much to her – so starting from gate keepers to waiters – everyone knew that memsahib (Madam) is sleeping with another male….and probably even her husband knew about it – but was shown as a helpless spectator!!
  3. Another scene was when she takes her new born baby – place the baby on a heap of rough straw – cow fodder – and starts the F process with her lover (now husband after divorcing IAS Officer Husband) in the tabela (cow-shed) (Bollywood seems highly influenced by the famous Madonna song ‘Justify my love’ I think – they are inserting this idea in almost every film!!)
  4. Last but not the least – she is gang raped in the prison cell – in the presence of police officer (constable?) & her ‘tied/ imprisoned helpless lover cum husband’ – because post independence – in the 1970’s there was lack of Human Resources and Police officers could not be posted at every Police station!…like we (Indians) had money to spend on fashion and entertainment & sports – always – but no money to train & recruit Police officers and place them in remote towns and villages! Anyways, her ex- husband is called and he takes his ‘least perturbed gang raped’ ex-wife home!

So you see folks, our Indian men- commoners – are very clever also….had they made this film a super-duper hit – the wives would have looked at them with raised eyebrows like – really – so does that mean –

  1. Pre marital sex with just anyone is allowed?
  2. Continue having illicit relationship with your various ex(s) even after marriage and child birth?
  3. Is it not all that big a deal to be gang raped by couple of mongrels inside a prison cell?..which can also mean a couple of orgies too would be considered harmless…huh..?

Thus, the film flopped as the Indian audience could not accept such a brazen woman in the lead role…. Phir bhi Dil hai Hindusthani folks!

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