Difference between the 4th dimension & the lower dimensions

Difference between the 4th dimension & the lower dimensions

The differences between the fourth (spiritual) dimension and the lower dimensions where humanity has been a slave to their ego/superego for centuries are:

At the 4th dimension, the person has no more fear, anger, pride, selfishness, lust, envy, addictions, negative intentions, etc. He/she is no more a slave to their ego/superego.

At the 4th dimension, the person experiences unconditional love, joy, wisdom, beauty, compassion, and contentment. He/she sees two worlds simultaneously, the world of Maya (duality) and the world of Absolute Reality (oneness).

Glimpses of the fourth dimension:

”The material world is fading, dissolving, appearing more and more unreal like a myth or a dream. I feel I am awakening out of a dream. Only the dimension of Spirit that I exist in is real, more intensely real than anything I have known. With growing wonder I realize that my sense of identity has grown rather than diminished in this new, subtle existence.”

”I feel pure and serene. The material world becomes real again, but now I appear to be seeing it from another dimension. Everything looks divinely beautiful and deeply profound, and I feel I am witnessing not so much a human drama as a divine fairy-tale.”

”I cannot understand how I feel so pure, where all of my problems have gone. I realise all the energy, innocence and joy of my childhood had been gradually blotted out by layers of ego. At last I can really like myself again.”

”I do not feel any barriers between myself and others. I have nothing to fear in this world because I am enveloped by a profound sense of oneness that binds everything into an ocean of love. Looking at other people in the street, I see only one playful, divine personality smiling back at me from everyone.”

”The city seemed to stand in Eden, or to be built in Heaven. The dust and stones of the street were as precious as gold; the green trees when I saw them transported and ravished me, their sweetness and unusual beauty made my heart to leap, and almost mad with ecstasy, they were such strange and wonderful things.”

”I cannot express how I felt. It was as if I had been in a dark dungeon and lifted into the light of the sun. I experienced joy almost to weeping. It was the greatest joy it was ever my lot to experience. No words can express the wonderful love that was shed in my heart.”


The only way we can bring peace on this earth is not by talking or by organizing, but by transforming people to this new awareness, of the fourth dimension where they become the spirit.

We live in three dimensions normally. The saints achieved their fourth dimension and through this ascent, they reach a state of complete tranquility, complete integration and total awareness of Reality.

The three dimensions in which we normally exist are physical, mental and emotional and the fourth dimension is spiritual. Now by intensely using the first three dimensions we come to realize the futility of our lives and we then start seeking the Absolute Truth, as we are not satisfied with whatever we know that can give even a tranquil mind.”

— Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Meta Modern Era

Courtesy : Goshal Atman | Armaity Bhabha

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