How to cope with Recession in Red Light Areas!?

How to cope with Recession in Red Light Areas!?

The sex-workers are very important part of our existence. The film industry* has proved it well – so I need not elaborate on that anymore.

But it has been observed that many house-holders (aka. Desperate housewives/ sexy available aunties etc.) are making extra money by ‘letting’ customers use their bodies instead. Consequently, more and more male customers are preferring to visit such households because of 2 reasons mainly:

  1. They remain discreet – going all the way to Sonagachi (red light area in Kolkata) may be risky. They may be caught by people who may start blackmailing, drivers for example blackmail such male clients. But visiting a flat in a posh area will seldom raise any doubt or suspicion.
  2. Housewives are more hygienic and secretive. A sex-worker may send one of her pimps to follow the client and he may have to shell out money forever even without ‘doing the needful’.

So I guess our MBAs who pass out of foreign universities should look into this matter and come up with ways to send the sex-starved clients towards the ‘red Light area’ which has been allowed by the Government. Recession in Red Light Area may be dangerous in the long run because the poor ladies will then come out in the open and start working alongside the common women… as maids or aayahs .. but because they know the ‘ways of the male world’ they can very easily break homes…very easily!

*film Industry – every film release mandatorily has a female show her vital stats so that we, the people (males esp.), have some ‘take home’ memories … proving that humans have only taken birth for procreation.


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