If only MONEY matters …..then why should girls maintain chastity?!

In our world today….

When only MONEY matters

How is it earned hardly matters..

Then don’t you think we should introduce

Ramp Walking, Fashionable Exposure, Assets (body) Enhancement, high handed attitude development in schools?

If they are taught to be coquettish & flirtatious (since childhood) then they will make more money in life ….

Than what we women earn as compared to Item Girls and shameless Models & those engaged in Escort services!

Men seem to have become very broad minded nowadays..so I guess this step taken by school authorities will not bother them much…right men?

(This idea came to my mind when I happened to come across a wikileak news where I read that an Item Girl has a bank balance of 13 crores!!- whereas we, the commoners, do not even have 3 lakhs in our banks!!)


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