Praud Siksha (Adult Education) – More Innovations Required

Praud Siksha

(Adult Education)

Please focus more on this kind of education. Children spend time with their parents and relatives the most. The elderly of the family should be absolutely aware of the rights and wrongs both at the personal and social levels.

Please make it more interesting like introducing 3D animations showing Body Systems – let them see (esp. villagers) how precious their lives are – how intricately and beautifully woven body systems they have. Also how tobacco or alcohol can adversely affect their bodies etc. a 3D presentation can be very effective tool for teaching.

sarv shiksha

So instead of watching a semi-nude female gyrate on the pole – better show them educational films – that can do a world of good to all of us.

Also to focus on child birth – vaccinations, all round hygiene – such videos are all available for free on YouTube.

If you really think of yourself to be a responsible citizen of India and want to participate in the progress of the nation – this is one of the things that you can definitely do.

Do Stop belittling or criticizing the Administrators – they are not magicians with a magic wand – no miracle can happen overnight – we all have to work it out collectively.


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