Punishment Posting

Raghuveer Malhotra was a very successful Industrialist. At the mere age of 49 he had built up an entire empire of his own- on his own from a scratch ! He had just been to an Interview with the Doordarshan and was driving back home – he loved driving his own car ….. and the one he was driving right now had recently been imported from UK … had been Tailor  made for him. He was busy admiring his new car and was adjusting the music volume and mixing the treble and bass of his favorite Country music …. when he failed to see a huge oil Tanker heading straight towards his car. BOOM- Crash ! He died on spot!

He felt very light and saw himself in a very plush environment – absolutely spic and span – very well lit – although he failed to see any bulbs or switch board around and wondered about the mechanism used !A well dressed man asked him to go inside a blue colored cabin – there were some million such cabins and he could see some 9 to 10 people interviewing or maybe counseling a single person in each cabin.

He was surprised to see his name scribbled on the entrance door’¦how do they know my name !? he wondered – where is this place – have I been here before?- several questions were running on his mind.

‘Hi ! please be seated ‘ – he saw a very fair & handsome looking gentleman seated on the chair.

‘Where is this place – sorry I could not recognize you’ started Raghuveer.

‘You are in a transition phase – you just gave up your physical body on Earth – where you were an Industrialist by the name of Raghuveer Malhotra – you just had an accident – you were too much enamored by the car you just imported from UK – so you missed the Oil Tanker heading straight – and well here we all are going to meet….. yet again!’ said the man.

‘I am dead – you mean?!!’ asked a shocked Raghuveer.

‘Well – yes – that’s the term you earthlings used when your garb is taken away from you -anyways let me introduce you to others in this room’ said the man.

‘Others?! But it’s just you and me here?’  said Raghuveer.

‘Oh! Others are your celestial bodies who were arranged in a certain configuration in you – they will appear as and when I take their names and will also let you know exactly how they help mankind – what qualities they bestow an entity with – and then depending on your ‘˜free will’ and the ‘knowledge’ you accumulate once on Mother Earth – how you will eventually evolve.’ Said the man.

The entities came and Rahguveer came to know about them one by one :

**** Excerpt taken from Linda Goodman’s Star Signs****

The Sun – A Circle with a Dot in the Center
Physical Force, Life Force, Character

The Father, Males in General, The Masculine Side of Woman

‘I represent the life force and the physical body, and I am at the center of everybody’s chart. What sign are you? Or what Sun are you? The dot is to remind you to try to keep yourself centered. Life forces need be centered, not off kilter or misplaced. ”

The Moon – A Crescent Symbol

Emotions, Empathy, Receptivity in Subconscious Needs

The Mother, Women in General, The Feminine Side of Man

‘I represent emotional needs. And I am changeable. Sometimes I have more needs than at other times. I am drawn like a crescent, but in a chart I can be a sliver or a full Moon, depending on how much attention I need.”
Mercury – Mercury looks like Venus with a half-hat on the top.
Mental Activity, Intelligence, Reasoning and Communication

Short Journeys, Brothers and Sisters, Studies
‘I represent the thoughts, phrases, and sounds of the way you speak. I am the way you talk to your lover, inspired by your unique astrological planetary aspects.”

Venus – A Circle with a Cross Underneath
Love, Marriage, Attraction

Our Capacity for Love, Beauty and Harmony
‘I represent the colors, sound, music, and varieties of love. I also am there to provide you with smooth sailing through the stormy seas of life. I bring beauty and blessing.”

Mars – An Arrow with a Circle on the Bottom
Energy, Physical Stamina, Motivation

How We Act Out
Our Sexual Impulses,
Passion and Challenges,
Sexual Expression in Men

‘I represent your physical energy, how you act and react.”

Jupiter – A Big Fat 4
Benefits, Good Future, Expansive Ideas, Social Adaptation

Personal Ethics, Philosophies, Personal Growth

‘I represent the promise of all good things. I am your good luck charm. I am always there in your chart to give you something nice, even when the going is rough, and to remind you that you are never forsaken.”

Saturn – A Tall 7 with a Hat on the Top
Saturn is also drawn as a cross with a half-circle on the bottom.

Philosophies, Personal Growth,
Public Recognition
Sense of Responsibility,
Loyalties, Commitment to Family,Stability

Uranus – An H with a Line Through the Middle, Then a Circle on the Bottom

Ability to Experiment, Innovate, and Change; Sudden and Unexpected

Our Reckless Side,
Where We Seek Our Thrills,
Our Eccentricities

‘I represent the planet of change. I come in and make electrifying, sweeping changes. I am the rock-and-roll of your chart. I am always unplanned and uninvited. But I am not unpleasant unless you try to resist me totally.”

Neptune – A Fork with a Cross at the Bottom
Illusions, Imagination, Vision, Misconceptions, and Fantasies

Romantic Side,
Romantic Fantasies,
Where We Can Be Deceived,
Where We Like to Escape

‘I am the planet of deception. Sometimes I bring confusion and mix-ups. Sometimes I tell lies or try to trick you. I can bring dreams and illusions. Everybody needs me for a little magic sometimes. Imagine life served straight up; what you see is what you get. Sometimes we all need rose-colored glasses. Yes, that’s it: I prefer to be considered rose-colored glasses.”
Pluto – A Cross with a Fat Half-Circle on Top to Support a Full Circle on Top of That.

Or a Capital P with a Foot’”Nice and Direct

Our Ability to Reinvent Ourselves,
Subconscious Drives and Forces, Change

Rejuvenation, Crisis,
Beginnings and Endings

‘Hello, I am Pluto and I am here to change your life. Wherever I land in your chart is what I tear down to rebuild. I am here for your ultimate good, or at least try to be, if you will not resist my energies. I am the planet of life and death, of the new you and the old you. I repair and resurrect. I cause you to reinvent yourself every now and then.”


All the celestial bodies took a human form so as to not confuse Raghuveer.

‘So Rahguveer – we have seen that in spite of having got an exposure to dire poverty – you lived hand to mouth during childhood – remember? – well’¦ when you were eventually given the power and authority – you never made any good use of it – apart from being just a selfish pig all your life ! You betrayed your wife, didn’t bother about your siblings – never did anything for the locality or area you were born ! You totally forgot all about your values & principles and started copying the ‘˜wasteful idiots’ (boozing, womanizing & making merry)’¦that’s what you called them – right – when you were yourself poor ?! – so when you were given the chance and power you never did make any worthwhile use of it – and here we were trying to desperately help you out in every way possible – making you meet the right contacts – we even got the flight delayed or else you would have missed the Presentation meeting – the turning point of your life remember ?…(deep sigh) – so you wasted your life as well as our time in your last life – you had got this promotion to get in touch with us and directly discuss with us your next ‘evolutionary’ progress but this time – I’m afraid – there are orders from the higher authorities to give you -¦well what you call in Earth language ‘a Punishment Posting’ so that you learn never to waste your power – all sorts of power ie. which includes monetary, oratory etc.. any questions?’ asked the man.

‘err..higher Authorities – does it mean that you are not God?!’asked a dumbfounded Raghuveer.

‘God!?…well as a CEO of your Company – how many times did you meet the Sweeper who cleaned your Office in the early morning hours?’ asked the man.

‘Never – errr – I mean I used to reach Office at 10am so never got to meet the Sweeper..why? would it have made any difference?’  asked Raghuveer.

‘Well – I just wanted to tell you your position Mister – what great work have you done that you’ll meet the Creator – the CEO of this Universe?!- you are in a transitional realm and I am – lets say your Mentor’  said the man.

‘Well meeting the Sweeper – or doing something to bring about a positive change in the environment they live in introducing the necessity of cleanliness  bringing electricity to their locality .. or doing something worthwhile for their category of people – might have done some good to you’ suddenly said Venus – a very beautiful Lady dressed in pink & bejeweled with diamonds from tip to toe.

‘Oh! Forget it now – its too late dear Lady – we’ll have to find someone else to do that stuff for us anyways, Mr Malhotra – you will now take birth in a family of African Tribals living 1000 kms away from civilization in thick Rain forests – who eat ants to survive..your name in the forthcoming life will be ‘Mocockshi’ – you have 3 more minutes to go – in the mean while you may have a look at the environment you are going to be born in’said the man.

Suddenly a huge screen came up from nowhere and Raghuveer saw a small mud hut with a thatch roof – the camera was as if zoomed inside and he saw a black man ‘making love’ to a black woman on the mud floor – there was just one small window through which the light was falling inside the hut. Raghuveer’s heart became very heavy on seeing the sight – he looked towards the entities present but no one was looking his way except for Mr. Saturn – whose deep piercing eyes were almost killing Raghuveer !

Suddenly he felt a push from behind. Complete black out.

After one year, the Discovery channel people visited the dense Rain forests near Ghana , Africa – for shooting the life style of the Tribals living there. They spotted a black woman carrying a small baby tied behind her back with a torn piece of dirty white cloth. They focused on the baby and found him rather cute !

‘What is his name?’ they tried to communicate with the black Tribal woman.

After about 7 minutes she understood that they were asking her son’s name !

Mocockshi !’ she replied blushing.

……no one knew that just an year ago – he was an Industrialist in India ..by the name of Mr. Raghuveer Malhotra !!



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