Who would you rather be like – Mother Sita or Princess Surpanakha?

You may write about your role model. I am citing Indian epic examples here.

Eligibility to understand this write-up – Knowledge of Ramayana.

Mother Sita

Conveyed the message to womenlore – esp. those supported by the Good, righteous men – that the ‘Line of protection’ (Maryadas) – drawn by men is for protection and security – that better be adhered to. The day she crossed the Lakshman Rekha – She, being Goddess Lakhsmi herself, had to go through a whole lot of trials and tribulations!- Treta Yuga.

(PS- so if you adhere to a proper code of conduct set by the righteous men – you’ll be able to avoid lots of troubles.)


Demon sister of King Ravana – was an adventurous & flirtatious woman – happily gallivanting around in forests looking for fun! Up on viewing a handsome stranger Prince – Shri Rama – she thought of having some fun with him too – in spite of already being married and being a mother too! So? Ravana was a demon king – selfish and debauch – his supporters and subjects plus other family members too were like him. Surpanakha never had any decorum to maintain – she was fiercely independent and never gave a damn to the males of her family. – Treta Yuga.

So what do you intend to be like as a woman? – be in the safety & security of good men …or be flirtatious & adventurous under demon men? FREE WILL – Choice is entirely yours.

(Disclaimer : Truth (the good, God) will always triumph. Falsehood will always lose along with its supporters. Falsehood eventually gets insulted and humiliated.)

All Falsehood Eventually Gets Exposed | Insulted| Humiliated


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