Religious Conditioning and its consequences on humanity

RELIGION – its conditionings and how it is affecting people today

Out of all the conditionings which people have, the religious conditionings are the ones which are the most difficult to get rid off. Seems like they are almost deeply embedded in our being and in our minds and unless and until we truly introspect consciously, they escape our consciousness.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has reiterated time and again that without introspection, we cannot transform.

The introspection after the awakening of our dormant “Kundalinis” which gives us our self-realization is different from the one we have before this breakthrough. Psychology too talks of “Introspection” as one of the tools to look within. No doubt it is very useful but the one after one’s self-realization , is far more superior as one can actually see things “as they are” due to the enlightenment within.

Shri Mataji has said many a times that after realization, many yogis begin to see what is wrong with their religion, with their country, with their Government. They start to question the wrongs in the society that becomes visible to them. Of course there are a few non-yogis too, who can see all this too, some clearly and others not that much so.

But what surprises me is that many who are supposed to be self-realized still get affected by their conditionings without realizing this, due to lack of honest introspection on their part. Thus they continue to be easy targets of those who have vested interests and crafty agendas of their own, who want to manipulate them by following two simple principles of “divide and rule” and “divert and rule”.

By creating confusion and fear by repeated lies, false harmful propaganda, they manage to exert complete control over the masses, turning them into zombies.

Power and Money are what these people seek... be they religious teachers, politicians, people in media, writers or those who come in any other such form. Their only aim is to use the masses to their advantage to push their so called convoluted ideology by bringing about destruction in the society by appealing to their religious and nationalistic conditionings.

The problem is that most people CONFUSE their conditionings about religion, nation, patriotism with the way these are practised. When I see something wrong with my religion, it is not about its teachings, but the way it is being practiced with wrong interpretations and superficial understanding.

When I see something wrong with my country, it is the way it is being projected by those in power, for their own agenda. When I see something wrong in Politics, it is not that I am against it but with the Political Parties who are using it to ruin the country it is supposed to govern.

The day we all become alert…. yogis and non-yogis alike… about how we are letting ourselves get manipulated… in the name of Religion and Nationalism … will be the day when all these powerful, harmful and demonic forces will be defeated forever in exerting power over us, taking us astray by dividing and diverting us from what should really matter.

– Written by Armaity Bhabha | Sahaja Yogini

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