Our science is nothing compared to the science of the Divine

Now, the time has come for us to know the Reality, and the science of the Divine.

Then, you will be amazed that our science is nothing compared to the science of the Divine. Now you see here we have shown in a triangular base of it, a triangle. That is the bone here, which we call as the Sacrum Bone. That means the Greeks, this is a Greek word. So, the Greeks knew that there is a Sacred Bone within us. So called it Sacrum. And in this bone lies an energy, which is Isis, Isis as written in the Koran also. This energy when the last evolution– now you are a human being and after that you become a higher human being.

This rises through this six centers and pierces through this fontanelle bone area and connects you to this all-pervading power, which is the Ruh. It is a spontaneous thing.

Like you sow a seed in the Mother Earth, it sprouts by itself. So, it’s a built in quality within you, it’s your own power.

And you are not obliged to me by any chance. This is your own power, within you  residing there, which will give you this greatness of becoming one with the Ruh. So you become Ruhani, We call it yogi.

Means the one who has united with this all-pervading power. It’s all your own! You’re all your growth, all your creativity, everything shines, your intelligence shines, your wisdom comes, everything through this energy which energizes these centers as shown. There are six of them.

Now, these six centers are responsible for your physical, mental and emotional being. By this, your health improves, no doubt.

Also, your wealth improves. How? Because your attention becomes very sharp . It becomes very concentrated. And you exactly know what is to be done, where, what to do.

Automatically everything works out…because also you are connected to this all-pervading power, which is so powerful that you are looked after. And you get all the ideas, all the, what you can,say…necessary information. You just become like a computer, but automatic. You don’t have to do anything.. All this is hidden in you and this you should achieve. …
An extract of talk of H H Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi ,Public Program, Cairo, Egypt, 28th October 1996.


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