The Grotty Artist – Poem

The Grotty Artist

There was a small town
Simple people lived there
When couple of witches and wizards
Made their quiet entry

They knew a lot about witchcraft
Of black magic & tantric practices
They knew how to trap dead spirits
and make them possess living beings

Gradually they started their operations
Unknown to many in the vicinity
They needed stuff for their black practices
So they hired couple of poor people around

And then they started their business
Of Selling ‘Wine and Women’
Initially it was met with opposition
But soon the male weakness gave in!
They all started to get mesmerised
In the dance & coquettish nuances
Of the dancing belles
Whoever bid the highest
Got the chance to bed the dancer!
Life was going groovy for many.

For many… but not for all!
Witchcraft needed many ingredients
like fresh human blood,
Sometimes human fetus
an infant’s brain
or a young man’s liver…

All this was procured
by killing ignorant citizens
who would be caught unawares
when they were out on chores

Slowly the missing numbers increased
The citizens got worried
& took up to solve the mystery
..the beans got spilled!

They realised to their utter dismay
That the 65 years old witch
Looked young, pretty and alluring
because she was eating up their
infants, sons & husbands!

All the young brides
who lost their infants
in their wombs..
found out that it was no curse
but the game of the witch!

Slowly they found out
That all the females in the Wine shop
were actually eating up their men!
They came back home drunk
and beat up their wives & children!

Thus they mustered enough courage
and decided to hang them to death
or even burn them alive
for they had tortured them
for no reason or rhyme!

While they were being punished
Both witches & the wizards
and were pushed into the furnace
for the sins that they had committed..
An artist happened to pass by…

He was one of the permanent visitors
of the ‘Wine & Women’ shop
& often had lots of fun with
many of the females who were getting burned!

He then painted a picture
Which made the witches look like
innocent doves
and the people poking them to death
were made to look like barbaric criminals!!

The picture – of course, did not capture
the sins the witches committed
of killing young boys & girls
of trapping their helpless souls
of breaking families
of alienating people from each other
Of murdering pregnant women
on pushing young girls in prostitution
of killing infants ….
other endless tortures!

So folks,
A picture may be worth a million words…
But it seldom tells the whole story!


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