The Making Of A Female Consenting Adult – Nishabd Review

The Making Of A Female Consenting Adult

Here is the background of the young female adult (Jia) who initiates the aged adult (Vijay) into passion-pangs at ripe old age!

Jia’s father had left her mother – she was from a broken family. No father figure or brother figure- no family ties – so she saw any and every male – irrespective of age, caste, creed – as a potential sex-partner!

Jia’s mother was probably too busy working or client-servicing (she may have picked up the job of a part-time sex-worker – since husband had left her so she had to do something to feed herself and Jia) – because she never got time to teach her manners- like after licking her fingers, she wiped her fingers on the curtains…much to the disgust of Amrita (Vijay’s wife)!

Things to learn from the film:

  • It is better to cover up yourself decently or else even the aged, dilapidated males on their last legs too would get turned on and want to hump you! Jia was the friend of Vijay’s daughter Ritu. Despite the fact that his own daughter was of the same age group – Vijay developed passion for Jia.
  • One should be prudent about selecting a friend. Ritu broke the beautiful relationship her parents had by bringing a cheap consenting adult in their lives at ripe old age!
  • Family background, culture and upbringing is very important …and it is based on such factors that friends/ life-partner should be chosen!


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