The White Sorceress


Mili was eight years old. She was having a lot of problems – she used to ‘sleep walk’, every once a month she used to suffer from high fever and her performance in School was below average. She had failed in Class 2 and had to repeat one year in the same class.

Her parents had been to every Doctor in town that they knew of – from Child Psychiatrist to Neuro Surgeons to Homeopathy – nothing worked on her – just nothing !

Her Mother Mrs. Nath got a call from the school that Mili had fainted in an epileptic manner and was murmuring some things while she was unconscious. Her Mother had rushed to the School , taking half a day’s leave from the Bank where she was working.

One of her friends suggested her to go to a Sorceress – Naina – who was pretty famous in their locality. She was into Tarot card reading, Aura reading as well as Past Life Regression. Mr. Nath put his foot down and did not agree for the same. He was a Chemist in a Laboratory of International Repute. The very thought of going to visit a Sorceress was just out of question for him . Mrs. Nath somehow managed to counsel him and they both fixed up an appointment with Naina.

Naina’s fees was exorbitantly high but then her reputation was spotlessly clean and she had healed many patients. Thus reluctantly Mr. Nath agreed and took Mili to Naina.

Mili was running a slight temperature on the day they were to meet Naina. Her face was red and as soon as she entered Naina’s cabin , she started to tremble and shake vigorously. Naina tried to sooth her when Mili did the most unexpected thing – she spat on her – much to the astonishment of her parents ! They could not believe that Mili could do such a shameful act in spite of being in the best and most expensive of Convent Schools.

Naina gestured her parents to relax and she took Mili to another room. The room was made of glass so that her parents could see what was happening inside. It was dimly lit and there were many symbols of Feng Shui hanging in the room.

They saw their daughter speaking to Naina in a deep trance and then she went off to sleep .

Naina came out and took out a stone. She asked her to make a locket for Mili and let her wear it all the time. The locket costed around Rs.16,000/-. Mr. Nath refused to buy the locket. He asked for the details of what happened inside and what was she talking about.

Naina : Sir, she has told me about who she was in her past life and the reason why she is suffering.. This locket will help her slowly forget and forgive her past traumas and she will be able to lead a normal life this time.

Mr. Nath : What nonsense are you talking about?! I don’t believe in past lives.

Naina : Well – your believing in it or not is not going to make any difference to the process of Reincarnation and Karmic Debts.

Mrs. Nath: What has she told about her past life..Madam- please can we hear it.

Naina : You’ll not quite like it – its better left unsaid.

Mr. Nath : WHY!? We have paid you Rs.2500/- just for an appointment !! and you’ll not tell what you have diagnosed?!

Naina : But you do not believe in past lives…so how does it matter?

Mr. Nath : It will not matter to me at all – but still I want to know where did all my money go…understand one thing Madam – I’m not a Millionaire that I can spend money like water – I can see in this case I have invested in pure drain water – but anyways let us kindly know what Mili said about her past life…or the trauma that she suffered …in the past life of course.

Niana too had lost her cool by now. So she let go of the most shocking revelations that was to change their lives forever.

Naina : Very well then.. if you insist. In her previous life, Mili was a Prostitute who your Great grandfather used to visit often and had promised her to take her out of the muck – the cheap ‘Red Light Area’ where she belonged and make a house for her – where she would live with him.

Mr.Nath : What utter nonsense are you talking about ?! are you out of our senses !! What proof is there that he visited a Prostitute !? he was a very respected Gentleman in his Village and he built schools and Hospitals for the village he lived in – in fact one of the roads in our village is named after him….and you dare to defy his name so badly ! Lets go right now…

Mrs. Nath : Wait – I want to listen to the entire story. Please continue Madam.

Naina : Well – just like all clients visiting a brothel do – make false promises to get their services done … and then they forget all about it the moment they step out ! But Mili, in her previous life, wasted her entire youth waiting for him!…But he never came back. She had a very painful death – with no one to look after her – on her last days she lived on a railway platform and begged for a living. When she died, she searched for your family Tree and clung on there to take birth in this family to take revenge.

Mr. Nath : Bull shit – I am not staying here another moment !!…

Naina continued : Mrs. Nath did you have a very risky pregnancy? I mean …. do you remember something untoward happening during our pregnancy?

Mrs. Nath : Yes – I had broken my ankle and the Doctors had asked me to abort – but I did not and then I even developed High Blood pressure because of strong pain killers that I was taking. Twice we had almost gone to the abortion table but somehow I could not get myself to abort…..

Naina : Well that was being tried by your Ancestors – in the Astral realm – they could clearly see that the one taking birth in their family will destroy the name of your they were trying to …you know – nip the devil in the bud.

Mrs. Nath : But why?!..this is not right…I mean she is my daughter.

Naina : I know Mrs. Nath – the reason I do not tell my clients anything that I come to know is because it does more harm than good …but your husband thought that I have wasted his money…so I let go the facts. Her soul is carrying the ‘hurt, revenge, pain ‘ of a prostitute – such souls are very vindictive. She has waited for long to take birth in this family…but the astral realm of your family is not letting her live completely. This locket will gradually make her let go of her past pains and she will forgive your ancestors – thus she can lead a very healthy life – you have to come here once in 6 months to get the locket vibrated though…

Mr. Nath : Oh! and how much for vibrations?

Naina : Rs.800/-.

Mr. Nath : Wow ! what a great story you have cooked up instantly Madam and you have even assured a steady income for life ! a great Business woman you are !!…gosh! I don’t believe in anything that you have said – I never believed in Mediums and dead spirits….but I always thought that it happens in remote Indian villages – didn’t know that ‘Mediums’ have evolved to such a great extent !

Naina : Medium? What are you yourself Mister? A medium for a soul to take birth and you feed it with all your might whereas I just try to resolve their problems on an astral plane – you are a lesser evolved medium and I am a higher evolved one…you see we all are just Mediums…..and if you don’t want to buy it –then please don’t buy – I am not forcing you.

Mrs. Nath quickly took out the money from her purse and gave it to her.

They all went home. Mrs. Nath started finding out the truth of her husband’s family background. She was shocked to hear that his Great Grandfather was good no doubt but had this one great vice that was even the reason of his wife’s untimely death – he did visit the brothels often.

Mrs Nath made Mili wear the locket. Mili did stop having epileptic attacks and her fever frequency lessened. But another problem had started in the family – constant tiff between her parents regarding family background , culture and upbringing. Her father used to belittle the locket all the time and her Mother used to scream at her if by mistake she took it off on her Father’s request. She was made into a guinea pig – what happens if she wears the locket and what happens when she does not wear !

2 years passed. Mr. Nath got posted to a different city. They all shifted to the new city. Vibrations could not be given to the locket . Gradually the ‘locket craze’ diminished. Both Mr. and Mrs Nath continued to fight on every issue – for it was an arranged marriage and Mrs. Nath felt that she deserved better than a ‘brothel visitor’s’ great grandson.

Mili reached her adolescence. At the age of 14 she got pregnant through a local Grocery Owner’s son. Entire locality came to know of this shameful act. Family, friends and relatives came to know as well. Their family was laughed at from all sectors of the society.

Mili’s soul was successful in taking its revenge.

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