What is it that keeps people worldwide from committing crimes?

What is it that keeps people worldwide from committing crimes?

Would you like it – if you see that your colleague, who is a below average performer, lackadaisical, dishonest…gets promoted and given the same salary as other hard working employees, same facilities as all the other really deserving candidates?

No I guess.

When you go against your own colleague and even your boss for letting the non-deserving candidate enjoy the benefits – how do you think that God is maintaining this vast Universe with several billion creatures?

Don’t you think there must be some way that your karmas are recorded, based on which you get your reward or punishment?

There better be some such recording system huh .. or else why would anyone be good? Why would anyone be kind, generous, gentle, helpful, loving, compassionate, truthful or honest? If the outcome of being either good or evil is the same….then why take the trouble of being good or doing good. As it is people who are honest and courteous are considered as naïve and foolish!

So? What is it that keeps people worldwide from committing crimes? Fear of the cops? Well, they can be bribed and bought – they are only humans and remember – we are discussing that both good and evil have the same outcome – so in that case where is the harm if the cops accept bribe or are dishonest in their dealing? Also where is the harm if the Judge lets the criminal go free – of course the criminal has to pay a huge sum to the Judiciary? But then with the money humans can enjoy life!

They can use the money & go to those nude beaches, nightclubs with strip tease performances – live life to the fullest….so where is the harm? Which system are we, the people, trying to maintain by being honest and good? Fear of the afterlife? Now who has seen that – all hypothesis right? There are people who don’t bother at all about after life…and some are not even aware of the afterlife!

So why do films often show such concepts of afterlife and sin and punishment etc.? When majority of people are neither aware nor bothered about such concepts! Had they been aware…they would not have committed a single crime……

So basically film makers and best seller authors just write such things to make money…ah! We come back to money again! So this entire game going on planet Earth is all about money – man-made coins and money! Wow!

There was a time during evolution – development of early men…..why we did not even have the concept of money then – still evolution took place and we advanced to this technologically advanced state today…keeping the one thing on mind of course – one day, we the people, we print money and fight over it – kill each other, bribe authorities, loot the fools who are made to work hard to make the rich richer…..this is why we all are on Planet Earth!

Unfortunately, this is what I concluded when I read arguments about creation, Gods and angels! The devil & his army has really worked hard to promote his concept – Die and pull others to hell! Kudos to the devil I must say!

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