Where’s the confusion?

Where’s the confusion?

I often hear
People say things like –
No one knows
What is right
What is wrong
It’s just a perception

Everything is right
& everything is wrong
It’s a matter of perspective – that’s all.

Let me enumerate the wrongs –
Lying, Stealing, Cheating
Terrorizing, exploiting, killing
Smuggling, raping, murdering…
These are a few wrong things
Punishable crimes
Not only considered a crime
From the
Unheard, unseen, unknown
Almighty Creator
But also from the social law & order
Point of view

You get punished by the Law
Created by ‘We, the people’…..

Other wrongs are there too
Ignoring, neglecting your duties & responsibilities
Towards fellow human beings
Those who are lesser aware, deprived, exploited
We never care….

Is this the reason – why we coin new philosophical words?
To defend ourselves…and pretend that –
Everything is right & everything is wrong..
It’s just a matter of perception!

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One thought on “Where’s the confusion?

  1. admin

    I was asked this on Facebook:

    Lying > Being truthful
    Stealing > Work for a living
    Cheating > Being honest in dealings
    Terrorizing > spreading peace
    Exploiting > using talents judiciously
    Killing > Augmenting healthy living .
    Smuggling> Transporting things lawfully/ paying taxes to Govt.
    Raping > respectful towards the opposite sex/ marry & procreate
    Murdering > Saving lives

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